BLOG: Honkoholic?

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Are you a driver who lays on the horn? A recent study from Safeco Insurance found more than half of American drivers admit to honking or being honked at while behind the wheel. What kind of honking style do most drivers have? How does it make people feel? Here’s what the study found out:

Honking Style:

  • Quick Tap (beep, beep) – 54%
  • Moderate (beeeeeep) – 38%
  • Prolonged (beeeeeeeeeeeeep) – 8%

How Does It Make Driver Feel?

  • Angry – 20%
  • Frustrated – 19%
  • Stressed – 18%

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  • Happy

    If you are bothered by someone honking at you while you are sitting at the “green” light texting, , then put the phone down, stop texting, and pay attention to your driving and you won’t be honked at. Simple solution

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