Bridging the Gap Symposium Will Be Held In Springdale

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Between 100 to 200 educators, community leaders and policy makers are expected to attend Thursday's (June 12) Bridging the Gap for Underserved Students Symposium at the Jones Center.

The symposium will be from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and participants can register at the event. Registration costs $50 and $15 for students.

The keynote speakers are former NFL athlete Keith Jackson and Gary Ritter, UA director of the Office for Education Policy.

Jackson will address how his program has helped underserved students in Central Arkansas, according to the news release. As for Ritter, he  will discuss his office’s new report, “Performance of All Student Subgroups in Arkansas: Moving Beyond Achievement Gaps.”

The conference wants to make sure every student is up to speed and gets the resources they need to be successful in school.

Mirna Ordoñez, member of the organizing committee, said, educators will be able to share their programs and issues in their school district.

"It takes a village to educate a child, like the saying says,"  Ordoñez said. "It's important that all of us get involved in order to see how experienced as leaders, as educators, as business people, and every sector gets involved in this."

"We are addressing this problem, trying to create awareness about it, but also provide solutions," she said.

There will also be panelists at the symposium including Senator Joyce Elliot, Bentonville Superintendent Michael Poore and Javier Reyes, UA vice provost for distance education.

Those who participate will receive six hours of professional development credits.

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