Fayetteville Sends Three To Prestigious Showcase

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Fayetteville High School is no stranger to producing great athletes, and this crop on the school's baseball team is no exception.

Three of Fayetteville's soon-to-be seniors will be in Florida this weekend showing off their skills to Major League Baseball scouts and college coaches. Drew Tyler, Anthony Pagnozzi, and Cody Davenport were selected among the top 300 players to the Perfect Game National Showcase in Fort Myers, Fla.

"It's really important even if you're not going pro out of high school, it's good for them to see you before you go to college just so they know who you are," Davenport said. "They've got you on their radar."

The Bulldogs make up three out of six athletes from Arkansas and are the only school in the country to have three players selected to attend this prestigious showcase.

"It says a lot about our school and the program we run here. We are really proud of what we do here," Davenport said.

Davenport's other two teammates have decided what their next move will be. Tyler has already committed to Arkansas, and Pagnozzi to Ole Miss. However, Davenport has yet to make a decision.

"I don't want to rush into anything. I want to see where I fit in best. I want to make sure that's the right fit for me, and I've got some places in mind, but I haven't made a choice yet," Davenport said.

Some of those include Wichita State and Ole Miss. Davenport says there has been some pressure to make a decision, especially one to stay here in Fayetteville and become a Razorback.

"Especially being here in Arkansas, people are always like 'oh the U of A is the only place to go.' Especially since I have so many teammates that are already committed there, and everybody wants me to go there," Davenport said.

But first things first, making a good impression this weekend.

"I just hope to go down there, perform well, and show everyone what I can do," Davenport said.