Saltine The Cat Shot With Arrow In Fayetteville; Police Search For Suspect

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Fayetteville police are searching for a suspect they say shot a cat with an arrow earlier this week.

The cat’s owner reported the incident to police Wednesday , saying the animal was impaled through the abdomen with an arrow Monday night. Emergency surgery was performed on the cat, and it was released back to its owner for recovery, according to the Fayetteville Police Department.

The owner told police he let his cat out on his front porch Monday night on Duncan Avenue, as he usually does. He later heard a rustling from the front of the home. He opened his front door to find an arrow sticking through his cat Saltine, said Sgt. Craig Stout with Fayetteville police.

The owner described the weapon as a three-foot long aluminum arrow without a tip, police said.

The owner said he rushed Saltine to the Animal Emergency Clinic in Springdale. The cat was then transported to Stanton Animal Hospital in Fayetteville, where emergency surgery was performed and the cat was treated for its wounds. Saltine was later released back to its owner and continues to recover, police said.

Investigators examined the arrow at the crime lab and continue to investigate the incident. If the suspect is found and arrested, he or she could face felony animal cruelty charges, Stout said.


  • Christy

    Really, Kevin? This person could be out shooting whatever moves, including people’s kids or more animals, who are family members and deserving of justice as well. Good for them for working on this for public safety’s sake, if not for the sake of an innocent cat.

    • Sarah 1

      Police read this blog. I believe you made a threat. If you are twelve, this isn’t humorous. If you are an adult, you need help.

    • Sarah 1

      I believe you made a threat. If you are twelve, this isn’t humorous. If you are an adult, you need help.

    • mrmakeitworse

      Live traps work very well Brian. Then you can teach them how to swim since the owners let there cats spray on other peoples property I feel no remorse for the cat. I use a 12 gauge for emergency purposes. It puts them down quick.

      • JD

        People who are cruel to animals in cases like this tend to treat other people with the same lack of respect. So those that make the derogatory comments on here are as sick as the one who shot the cat. You’re showing your sickness to everyone. Could they be poorly placed “jokes” or a cry for help?

    • Hayden Hodges

      Don’t you have some pretentious blog to write?

      And, yes, this is very newsworthy. Christy made a great point as to why.

  • Barbara Mayes

    Poor kitty, hope they catch the person responsible for this, and makes them an example for once. Until the charges are stiffened, this will keep happening. Get well soon, Saltine!

  • CB

    You mess with anything on my property and I sure hope you do get arrested. Arrest the criminal and make them pay for the vet bills too!
    The more I see comments from jerkwads like Brian the less I like people. Get well Saltine.

    • mrmakeitworse

      I have called the local law enforcement and they said there is no city ordinance against cats. So if a stray comes along there is nothing you can to to get rid of the cat. I even talked with the senator of Arkansas about the issue. Cats keep spraying my back porch and my front porch. But if somebodys dog gets out they go to the pound just because they are loose and looking for food, and they don’t leave a nasty smell on my porch. I have relocated many felines on farms that make great mousers. I blame the owners for not having there pets fixed. Just like we blame the parents for something stupid that there kids did. And on another note it is ok for shelters to put animals down but not the public…go figure

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