Easley Still The Winner After Benton County Primary Recount

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The Benton County Election Commission recounted votes for the runoff election that took place on June 10 for the District 1 Justice of the Peace seat, according to officials.

Mike McKenzie was defeated by Ron Easley in that Republican primary runoff election.

Elections results were no different after the recount, and Ron Easley was still declared the winner by the same exact number of votes he had previously won with, according to officials.

The runoff, which McKenzie requested, will end up costing him a $150 fee.

On June 10, with all eight precincts reporting, election results showed Easley defeating Mike McKenzie 304 votes to 299 (50.41 percent to 49.59 percent).

The District 1 seat went to a runoff after Easley and McKenzie garnered the most votes, but each failed to collect more than 50 percent. Easley received 522 votes (36 percent) to McKenzie’s 430 (29 percent) in the May primary election.