Police: Woman Sexually Assaulted By Man From Dating Website

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A Springdale woman was sexually assaulted by a man she met on a dating website, according to court documents.

Alexander Nichols, 24, of Fayetteville, met the victim on a dating website called Meetme.com and got to know her through the website and text messages. On June 3, the victim invited Nichols over to her residence for dinner, court documents state.

The victim's mother and sister were there and met Nichols. They all went inside to start getting dinner ready. The victim told police that once inside the kitchen, Nichols touched her inappropriately several times and kissed her. He tried to put his hands up her shirt and kept approaching, even after being pushed away, according to court documents.

While Nichols was eating, the victim went outside to her mother and sister and asked them to help her get Nichols away. The three of them made up an emergency to get him to leave, court documents state.

On June 12, police arrived at Nichols' residence in the 2700 block of North Club Drive and took him to the Springdale Police Station, where he admitted to touching the victim inappropriately. He was arrested and booked into the Washington County Detention Center, according to court documents.

Lieutenant Derek Hudson with the Springdale Police Department said people need to be very cautious of online dating.

"Internet is a wonderful thing to educate yourself, to meet and do things," Hudson said, "But you need to be very, very careful because you don't know who is on the other side of the keyboard."

He urged people to always meet a person you have talked with online in a public place like a restaurant. Hudson said that way if something goes bad, there are other people around to get help if needed.

Locals said they stay away from online dating sites, because of stories of sexual assaults and other crimes being committed.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, because you don’t really know who the person is,” Alex Gonzalez said, “Also you don’t know anything about them, and you don’t know if the person is dangerous or not.”

“I don’t see how people could do that,” Skylar Smith said, “I would just be really scared.”

Nichols faces a charge of sexual assault - 2nd degree.


  • objectivefodder

    This story, if real, stinks to high heaven. I’m not dismissing the woman’s allegations, but this sounds like a well calculated strategized attempt to turn an already questionable uncomfortable situational date into a nightmare. Talk about a date gone awry. Whatever the matter, I’m perplexed at his supposed behavior also, if the accounts are indeed accurate. Might I recommend meeting in a public place next time for the first initial date with other people around for added protection. A good natured gentlemen, knowing that the woman’s relatives are nearby would likely conduct himself in a gentlemanly way not being overbearing or embarrassingly foolish in his behavior. And finally, when you’re approached and interviewed by the police over a sexual allegation or accusation, may I recommend you remain silent. This idiot just incriminated himself with admission when it would have been better to let the police investigation sort things out-hence my first comment regarding this story being questionable. Good lesson for everyone who is thinking about dating and meeting someone of the opposite sex the first time.

    • d

      An invitation to dinner was not an invitation to put his hands wherever he pleases. Sounds like the girl was being cautious enough having her family there, but maybe in her own home was not the best idea. If he had kept his hands to himself he wouldn’t be in this mess. The girl obviously felt violated.

      • objectivefodder

        I agree…he was a fool and an idiot…too many here in these parts…very lacking of social graces and common sense, no doubt about it.

  • sickofitall

    So sick of judgmental, self-righteous, walking encyclopedias that are constantly commenting on all of these stories! Just a bunch of pointless arguing, name-calling, and angst. Your all just providing entertainment to anyone who reads these stories. You do get that right? Does it make you all feel better to know that you vented your feelings and beliefs onto the comments section of a North West Arkansas news station board, that only a few hundred people will see? I’m not targeting you to individuals in particular, just all of the junk I’ve seen all over this site….
    My post is redundant, but I actually acknowledge that.

    • Sarah 1

      Glad family was there to assist.
      To sick of it all, stop teading these comments. Read something else.

      • objectivefodder

        I agree with Sarah1, as always…if you can’t say anything constructive “sickofitall”, don’t say anything at all. I really don’t even grasp why you’re venting in the first place. Are you upset at comments or the story and situation itself? I don’t get your hostility.

      • FedUp

        Dr. Sarah 1: The First Amendment remains in force at least for now. Therefore, any and all posters have the right to their opinion(s). If you disagree with the poster simply don’t respond.

      • Sarah 1

        To clarify, if you cannot tolerate the comments, don’t read them. Your original point Mr. Sick was you couldn’t stand reading the comments so stop reading the comment. I have no argument or question against you, I merely was suggesting a remedy for your disgust at the comments.

  • sickofitall

    Nice, none of you are acknowledging the behavior, just bashing me. Mature. Oh well, i said what i wanted to say. Anyways..don’t mind me. Just carry on with your rants and raves. Bye.

    • Bob Gnarly

      For what its worth, I found your ranting and raving particularly entertaining :)

      Hope ya change your mind and do some more!

    • FedUp

      Sickofitall: You have the right to voice your opinion when posting. Don’t be discouraged by the nasty remarks by some of the responses. I may not agree with you, however I certainly stand by your right to an opinion.

  • ehhh

    So I like how people aren’t smart enough to realize that whether you meet someone online, or you meet them locally in person, you never know that persons true character until later. This story makes dating websites or any type of online meeting look worse than it should. It doesn’t matter how you meet someone, anything can happen. My best advice is no matter whether it’s meeting them online, or it’s that guy or girl you’ve been working with for 2 years and you finally strike up enough courage to ask them out. Always approach cautiously. Personally, and I am a guy, I’ve met at least 4 women online and dated, never an issue, I’ve met crazier in person. And as far as guys, I’ve met some really great friends online who have came to my home from other states and hung out. I guess pay attention to their actions online, maybe they’ll drop hints if they’re a creeper…

  • Tossin Midgets

    Chill out folks, this type of behavior has been going on since the caveman days. Online dating is an excellent way to meet the right person…

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