GRAPHIC VIDEO: Woman Attacked With Bat At Fort Smith Walmart

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[Editor's note: Warning: this surveillance video contains graphic content that some may find disturbing.]

A River Valley man is behind bars after police said he attacked a woman with a baseball bat at Walmart on Sunday night (June 15).

Fort Smith police said the incident happened at the Walmart on Rogers Avenue.

Police said a man identified as Corey Mosley got a running start and struck a woman identified as Ashlyne Rogers in the head with a bat inside the store.

"I couldn't be happier based on the situation of how she's doing and holding up," said the victim’s father Dustin Rogers. "Fort Smith police is currently investigating the incident."

Police said they arrested Mosley at his Fort Smith home.

"I don't feel that he's solely responsible for it because he's off of his medication," said Mosley’s brother Marcus Mosley.

A Fort Smith police report stated Mosley said it was gang related and she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“If my brother was here right now I would ask him why did you do that? I`m sure his answer wouldn`t be like mine and yours. He`s not all the way there,” said Marcus Mosley.

The report said Mosley stated he watched a movie with a baseball bat being used on someone else and wanted to try it.

According to the report Mosley’s family said he has serious mental problems.

"I apologize to the young lady and her family,” said Marcus Mosley.

Fort Smith police and Walmart were unable to release the surveillance video of the attack at this time.

Mosley was arraigned Wednesday (June 18) and pleaded not guilty. He is currently being held on a $20,000 bond.


    • rhondakelly07

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    • James

      How is his brother stupid he explained that his brother is suffering from schizophrenia and he apologized to the lady for his brothers actions.

  • mrmakeitworse

    Gang related? I may have to start hanging around there on Sunday nights. If the cops can’t protect us I sure as heck can.

  • Sherry Southward

    There are probably 80 percent of people taking some kind of meds. With some type of mental problem. That doesn’t give anyone to use it to do wrong. And if you can’t be responsible enough to take care of yourself by taking your meds. Than you need to be placed somewhere there is someone to see you take your meds. For Mr. Mosley there are place for you brother. One is in Boonville, Ar. and one in Conway, Ar. STOP making excuses for him and get him some HELP !!!!

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      You got that right. Too many times people blame someone or something else trying to escape the blame for their own actions. Sorta like these folks that blame Bush for everything. That doesn’t make their mistakes and blunders correct or excusable.

    • James

      We’re not talking about you’re antidepressant or anti anxiety medication you take to make you feel good. If someone is suffering from schizophrenia it’s a totally different story. A lot of times it’s hard to get these people into doctors and take their meds regularly because they don’t trust anyone and a lot of times minorities go untreated do lack of services.

  • Kayra Haynes

    I have to say this if yhu didnt kno him shut up he was perfect before he stqrted taken all those medicine

    • HL

      He was perfect before? Then why did he start taking meds? He isn’t perfect now. Now he’s a psycho.

  • ShT OnA STiK

    Brake his arms hands feet and legs throw him in the parking lot on a hot day so he can think about a few things.

  • bobreal

    Maybe some of his cellmates can return the treatment with a bar of soap in a sock or a washcloth.

  • cmc080704

    I wrote a comment about the mother of the woman who head-butted a Wal Mart employee and injured a 2 year old while shop-lifting. In the comment I said I am sick and tired of minorities screaming it’s someone else’s fault every time they do something stupid. Apparently, it is this young womans fault this idiot has mental problems and dosen’t want to take his meds. But, that’s okay, he’s real sorry he did it, so that settles everything. GET REAL, PEOPLE! If you hurt someone, sorry just dosen’t cut it. There are consequences for every action. There is a reaction for every action. No excuses.

    • James

      No one is saying it’s her fault or that he shouldn’t be punished but it does seem like every time someone of color commits a crime it’s because he’s of color, like white people don’t commit crimes.

      • mrsmakesmoresense

        Sorry to burst your bubble of non-reality, but blacks DO commit more crimes, and more senseless ones at that!

      • Ex Liberal

        Take your bs and peddle it somewhere else, James, we’re not buying it anymore. Blacks are by any standard the most violent and criminal race on the place. No matter where you go, no matter what the circumstances, blacks commit atrocious crimes in astronomical numbers and we are supposed to just stand by and give them an excuse. No more. GTFO.

  • B Samuals

    I personally could care less if he is “off his meds” or not… Truth is, he needs to be imprisoned as he is an animal and needs to be kept away from society. I am so sick of whiny, politically correct people crying over the fact that he has mental issues. He is still a threat to society. Absolutely useless waste of space…. Thoughts go out to the victim of this crime.

    • James

      Yea lets just go back to when we put all these people in insane asylums and let the general public in for entertainment. Let’s go back to treating these people subhuman like everybody else who doesn’t fit the norm.

      • ComeOn

        He randomly chose a woman…and tried to kill her with a baseball bat. Unprovoked. He’s a dangerous menace to society.

      • HL

        He attacked an innocent young lady with a bat, and could have killed her. Unprovoked. Because he said he wanted to know what it was like. I’d say locked in a padded cell the rest of his life is just what he needs.

      • HL

        The next time he wants to know what it feels like to hurt someone, I hope his intended victim shoots him.

  • Ron Snider

    2nd degree battery is nothing. The girl is lucky to be alive. I think this should be an attempted murder charge at the least.

  • James

    There are people out there that do have mental illnesses and do these types of acts. Not saying it’s justified and he shouldn’t be punished but people do have mental issues that cause them to act out character.

    • ComeOn

      But you are making excuses for him. If he is so mentally ill someone should be in charge of making him take his meds, and since they failed to do this maybe they should be charged with a crime as well.

  • P.D. Burroughs

    Just another example of Big Brother’s goof-ups. Years ago this man would have been locked up where he would be safe and so would everyone else. But the government decided it was violating his rights to lock him up, so now people in that condition are turned loose to prey on innocent people.

  • Jane

    Yeah, well good luck with the “unmedicated” defense. Watch the tape again. He looked around to make sure there is no one else was around so he wouldn’t get caught. Along with his “movie excuse” that’s enough premeditation for attempted murder.

  • Ann

    Oh, just wait for him to get out of jail. You can see what the dad is thinking. This boy is going to have more mental problems by the time the dad beats his brains out. lol!!!

  • xcrimsonxguardx

    what this guy did is wrong, what to do about don’t know,jail for sure, but for some on here your no different then he is, like him your just looking for an excuses to kill or hurt someone, difference is your hiding behind justice,and protecting, your not fooling anyone, ppl like that will be sharing jail time or dirt time with him, the whole sub human attitude is cancerous to humanity,justice doesn’t need ppl like you, it needs real human people,because only real human people give fair justice, ppl who cry for blood just want blood,and using your case as in excuse nothing more, and you got the nerve to call them animals while your sounding like one foaming at the mouth, again hope he gets jail which here in ark,ok he will defiantly get plenty of,and help to the point if he doesn’t take it, then jail for life then. but stuff you that some ppl here are saying, your are speaking his language not ours.

  • Rose Hackney

    So. If he is not responsible for taking his meds then, Who is responsible for making sure he takes his meds? That is no excuse. Oh my bad.. The dog ate his meds. Or his computer crash destroyed his meds.

  • Rose Hackney

    I had an aunt who worked for a senator in DC, 60 years ago. On a trip home, she was mugged at a depot. Hit in the head. Damaged her brain and destroyed her life. Was in and out institutions the rest of her life.
    This guy should be tried for attempted murder, and never see the light of day again.
    Gang related usually means killing someone. doesn’t it?

  • John Doe


  • John Trapp

    Bats need to be banned or at least have background checks anyone who wants to buy a bats, and have each individual bat fitted with a bat lock and make it illegal for assault bats to be sold. Why do people need assault bats? It’s not 1776.

  • j.veritas

    mentally ill? how come he never acted like this before, in his own neighborhood? This was a hate crime. What triggered it wasn’t a bat in a movie, but the site of a white person. Need some evidence or support of such a claim, go to Hundred of videos on the black on white crime epidemic. made black on white crime as 1 of their 10 summer predictions you will see exploding across America. God help us.

  • Argent Furor

    Here we go with that old mentally ill routine again.It’s as simple as this , perpetrator is black victim is white. Knockout game anyone? (polar bear hunting is what it used to be called) It’s not going to stop until a whole lot of “bored urban youths” end up being shot or lynched.

  • Johnny

    More un-reported black on White crime. Im sure they will find some way to blame YT for it. Expecting savages to live in a civilized society, this is what we get. Segregation now….

  • Johnny

    Your reporting on crime, you always identify Whites, yet when a black commits a crime, it is always stayed as “youth” “teens” “wrong place wrong time” ” gang related”..
    This article, claims gangs as the reason the simpleton brother claim its the medications fault.

    Why are the overwhelming crimes committed on Whites by savage blacks, always Whites fault? When will black realize its them, not Whites to blame for their disfunction??…

  • Johnny

    Why dont you report the fact that hispanics, arabs, are always listed as Whites when they commit crimes. Yet always listed as what they really are when they are victims?

    Trying to inflate White crime so people do not see blacks commits the majority of all crime. Yea, all crime. Keeping the public in the dark, so to speak, about black violence is a crime in it self..
    Around black never relax

  • Mike

    I know my first comment will be censored because it was so true. But anyway, why are we called racist for not wanting to be around these animals? When we are around them, and the inevitable happens, we were “in the wrong place at the wrong time.” It’s a catch-22, huh? I can think of some cowardly cops and media people that need to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. We’re going to win in the end. Don’t lose faith white-man. It doesn’t matter what anyone says. Putting a man on the moon is not equal to basket-weaving or building a human-dung hut. Heil victory!

  • Denise

    This was a RACIAL attack. There are assaults and murders, committed BY Blacks, on White, EVERY single day. This is a RACIAL attack. Negroes are INNATE savages, and ought NEVER have been allowed to run loose – let alone run anything else.

  • Boog Nightmare

    I can help with the stinking freaky mook’s mental problems.
    I’ll empty his chunky eggplant head of all its mental material with 230 grains of hot lead.
    It’s the least I can do to help.

  • Mike

    Tell the truth too often, they call you on the phone. I’m on the censored record now. I’m not sacred of anyone from Ft. Smith. Let’s get it on, wrong place at the wrong time. Everyone is welcome. Anyone kicks in the door, rather it be Cagney and Lacey, or anyone else, will be met with an “L” ambush, well aimed .45 bullets. I guess you can burn my place down, what would I do then? That’s their weapon of choice it would seem. Remember Dorner, and Waco? Lets go. We’re ready for you.

  • Jenna

    Good thing he swings like a bi***. That’s why I’m always aware of my surroundings and why I have a CCL.

  • Tim

    Now if a white man did this to a black woman this would be covered non stop by Cnn, Fox, Abc etc etc. But since the victim is white and the perpetrator black you will hear nothing about it as the media continues to cover up the widespread black on white crime in america. How much more are you going to put up with white man?

  • kjw

    If this is guy is that mentally ill, he shouldn’t be on the streets. Someone should be responsible..The brother, maybe, since he says it’s not all this guys fault. Nobody should have to worry about going to a store and being hit with a bat or anything else. If he would’ve hit her just right, it would’ve killed her. Of course, I don’t see this story on the MSN page.

  • Russel Green

    Now have a gun carrier round the corner as this went down and we don’t have an expensive trial and the expense of locking someone in the insane asylum. You would have a cheap funeral. Better that way.

  • Sally MJ

    I am positive the victim of this beating does not believe that the Knock-Out Game is a fabrication.

  • Bob Smith

    Again, a great reason for every honest citizen to have a gun. That scumbag wouldn’t have walked out of there if that had been the case. 2nd degree battery? How about attempted murder. A full swing from an aluminum bat could have killed her. What a useless piece of shit.

  • Mike

    Don’t attack the cops, and media people. Go for their mothers and daughters instead. They’ll get the message. They’re all cowards, or they wouldn’t act the way they do now. Once our point of view becomes popular, they will sing a different tune. The cops in this police-state are real tough until society goes to hell. Then, they set up a perimeter, and let subhumans hit you in the head with a brick. No way out, but through the Jews, and their collaborators.

  • Chuck

    What was needed here was one of our people putting two rounds in his chest so this animal was permanently caged in a box. That is the only solution to the black attacks, you kill them.

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