River Valley Man Makes Prosthetics To Help Paralympic Athletes

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A River Valley man who specializes in making prosthetics to help paralympic athletes made his debut on network television, and it happened on Channel 5 during "48 hours."

Francois Van Der Watt is the creator of the very blades that helped Oscar Pistorius cross the finish line into a world of fame and success.

"It's kind of surreal I was very captivated by the story itself I didn`t really realize it was me there," Watt said.

He works at Horton's Orthotics and Prosthetics, and he's a director of sports prosthetics and development.

The infamous blade runner Pistorious found himself in court admitting to shooting his girlfriend inside their South African home. He claims it was an accident, while prosecutors say it was intentional.

When asked about the case, Watt said, "I do believe it was an honest mistake."

Watt said he ended up in the River Valley by chance.

"Just by chance opportunity opened up for me to relocate to the area, so, I took that, and we've been here since April, so, it's been good for us," he said.