Springdale Announces $2.6 Million Program To Create New Jobs

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The Springdale Chamber of Commerce announced a $2.6 million program to create new jobs on Tuesday (June 17).

The event was held at the Fairlane Station event venue at 108 Graham Street.

The plan is called Ignite Springdale, and it aims to create 3,700 jobs, recruit technology firms with a total investment approaching $5 million, and re-tool workforce training.

Ignite Springdale focuses on four separate initiatives. The four initiatives are:

  1. Growing Technology
  2. Retention and Expansion
  3. Workforce Training
  4. Springdale Pride

The first initiative will aggressively recruit and grow Springdale’s technology economy.

The second initiative will aim to create new jobs in manufacturing, retail/commercial and professional service sectors.

The third initiative will coordinate the process of assessing workforce skills and needs of Springdale residents and employers.

The last initiative will focus on instilling a new pride for Springdale residents and advocate for improvements critical to the city.

Springdale has been highlighted as one of the fastest growing cities in Arkansas.



  • Elaphas

    As soon as Obama finds out about this, he’ll ship 3,700 illegals to Springdale. Oh wait, they’re already there.

  • elwood

    This little dog n’ pony show is perfect for Chickenopolis’ Chamber of Welfare to make the rubes think they’re doing something with the millions our taxpayers cough up to them every five years. There is absolutely NO WAY to measure any of the expectations listed above. No Way. Plus, no one will show any interest in seeing that any of it works. No Accountability. None. It’s pure puffery. They must do these little promotional shows every few years to keep the cash flow flowing.

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