Police: Rogers Man Arrested After Inappropriately Touching An 11-Year-Old Girl

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A Rogers man was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault Monday evening (June 16), according to a news release from the Rogers Police Department.

David Kegger Perez, 49, was arrested after authorities received notification from the Arkansas State Police Child Abuse Hotline that he had inappropriately touched an 11-year-old girl, the release states.

The victim told authorities that she, the victim’s mother and Perez had all fallen asleep together in the same bed while watching movies. Then, the mother got up and left for work, and Perez was left in the bed with the girl. That was when he touched her inappropriately, according to court documents.

After being interviewed by authorities, Perez was arrested. His past criminal history includes fleeing from the Springdale Police Department, theft by receiving (a charge from the Benton County Sheriff’s Office) and multiple failure to appear charges, court documents state.

Perez was booked into the Benton County Detention Center and faces a charge of sexual assault – 2nd degree (felony), according to the release.

No bond has been issued, according to the jail intake report.



  • Sarah 1

    This has to be treated a serious situation. Every day innocent children are being abused.

    Please Judge show no mercy.

  • Tossin Midgets

    He touched her inappropriately… he told her to quit snoring and rolled her over so he could get some sleep…

  • objectivefodder

    When is it ever going to end? What is it with the males in this region? Education? Low IQ? Genetically inferior? Bad parenting? Bad upbringing? It’s clear these subspecies males aren’t intellectually capable of being learned of current events or news. Sterilization perhaps? When will it end? We’re a Matriarchal society, is it any surprise? Perhaps it’s time for forced eugenics pursuance. Sorry folks, but if your boys aren’t going to socially evolve, re-education or forced compliance is the only alternative. The prison system is full of these males and it’s getting out of control. I really don’t know the reason why this is occurring. Leadership in law enforcement should interview and mental health officials should provide the community with viable solutions and enlighten the public as to why this is happening…just sayin’!

    • ehhh

      You’re comment is about as idiotic as you are for making it. Arkansas, or our local area as a whole is no different than most other areas. No matter where you go you’re going to have these types of people. So coming here degrading our community is not appreciated.

      And when will it end? Never. Whose to blame? You can blame society or you can blame God. You choose. Just remember, everything on this earth and everything in life happens for a reason.

  • ozarkobjectivefodder

    I encourage leaders in our community to begin open discussion with implementing grass roots town hall meetings addressing this continuing problem. Honestly, it’s getting out of hand. The public has a right to know details and profiling of what kind of characters are doing this. If these were arsonist, wouldn’t our law enforcement have certain depictive profiles describing these kinds of individuals? There has to be certain common denominator characteristics of these perpetrators. Obviously, certain psychological and social disorders can be detected and observed after the fact. Families need answers. We need solutions, not rhetoric. Something’s not right.

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      There has to be some responsibility forced on these people since they clearly won’t accept it. They are so accustom to being pussy-footed around with they expect to get away with this stuff. How about refusing all gubbamint benefits to these creeps. No welfare no unemployment no free phone, no health care no voting and so on. Don’t just put them jail so they can lay around all day, put their butts to work after they are neutered. Besides people are getting tired of paying to support their spawn.

      Build some big labor camps and put these vermin in there. You see all the trash on the highways for instance, how about forcing these degenerates to walk the ways and pick it up. Arm the guards and if the creeps try to run….shoot them! If the liberal ACLU, lawyers and political pukes show up to protest the creeps treatment, put them on the chain gang too. Better yet send the creeps home with these libs and let them take care of the creeps. I’m sure their families won’t mind this classy company. We’ve let the libs create a society of blameless people so what do you expect.

      • Sarah 1

        This subject matter should not be made a parody of political theory.
        Rich and poor alike have become perpetrators. An Athletic Director with great sums of money was
        caught and goes to trial soon.

  • porky pig

    Folks…you sound shocked. This behavior has been going on since the beginning of time. The only difference is that people didn’t talk about it before.

  • tossin midgets

    Maybe the teen was sending the wrong signals….you never know until you hear both sides….

    • Sarah 1

      Excuse me Midget. NO ONE takes advantage of a teen or child because they send the wrong signals. Responsible adults walk away from any wrong signals. Do NOT blame the victim ever.

    • HL

      Since when is an 11 year old a teen? And you’re going to say what if an 11 year old sent the wrong signals?? You’re about as creepy as perez.

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