Razorback Stadium One Step Closer To Serving Beer And Wine At Indoor Club Seating

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Razorback Stadium is one step closer to serving beer and wine at its indoor club seating.

Arkansas Alcohol Beverage Control on Wednesday (June 18) conditionally approved Razorback Stadium’s permit for the sale of beer and wine, according to Rick Christman with Arkansas Alcohol Beverage Control.

The condition that must be met before the University of Arkansas is granted its permit is Razorback Stadium needs to have signs posted at every exit from the indoor club seating that say, “No alcohol beyond this point,” according to Christman.

Christman said that this is a very common condition, and roughly 90 percent of all new businesses getting into alcohol sales for the first time find themselves in a similar situation. The businesses usually don’t order the signs until they know for sure they are going to be approved to sell alcohol, according to Christman.

Once Razorback Stadium has the requested signs posted, they will need to contact Arkansas Alcohol Beverage Control one more time, and an inspector will look over the stadium to make sure everything has been completed as asked, according to Christman.

If the inspector finds everything is as it should be, then, Razorback Stadium will receive its permit to sell beer and wine in the indoor club seating area, Christman said.

There is no exact time frame for when the next step will be completed. It’s currently up to the University of Arkansas to get the required signs ordered and posted before anything else can happen, according to Christman.

Once the signs are posted and the inspector concludes their report, Razorback Stadium should have a permit within a day or two after that, Christman said.