Bicyclist Hospitalized After Accident in Sequoyah County

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A bicyclist is recovering in the hospital Thursday morning (June 19) after an accident in Sequoyah County, according to authorities.

Officers on scene said the accident happened around 12:15 a.m. on Highway 64, just east of Roland.

Several law enforcement agencies, including the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, as well as Muldrow and Roland Police, were on scene for several hours working to clear the scene.

Authorities said they're still investigating what exactly happened, and plan to release more details about the accident later this morning.



  • ehhh

    Maybe when these bicyclist learn to properly use the shoulder of the road this won’t happen. I swear these guys ride right on the line or in the road itself. I can understand a residential street, but on Highways? Give me a break. It’s time they change the right a way law for pedestrians. Most of these people hold up traffic and I’m surprised you don’t see more road rage accidents due to it. I’ve came close to hitting one myself due to them being in the lane because of traffic and them weaving into my lane.

    • Ted

      Bicyclists are legal users of the road and can take the entire lane if they feel their safety requires it. Being in a faster vehicle does not give you special rights and in fact you have no right to operate a motor vehicle. When approaching slower traffic you slow down and wait for a safe time to pass. If you can’t pass safely you don’t do it. While this accident happened in Oklahoma, the law in Arkansas is to give bicyclists at least 3 feet when passing.

      That being said, riding a bicycle at 12:15AM on this type of road is exceptionally stupid.

  • Arkajun

    High speed, open highway, dead of night, on a bike. Eventhought the cyclist had the legal right to be riding on the highway….probably not the best decision to do so. Very dangerous place…..goes for tv reporters too!

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