Chaffee Crossing Hosts Ribbon Cutting for New Trail

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The Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority (FCRA) will host a ribbon cutting ceremony today (June 19) to celebrate the opening of Coyote Trail at Chaffee Crossing.

Volunteers, Michael Milton and Rich Mann, constructed the trail on a part-time basis over the past three years, according to Lorie Robertson with the FCRA.

"We were very happy when Michael and Rich came to us with the idea to build this trail because it created a new amenity for Chaffee Crossing tenants and the public to use, " said FCRA Executive Director Ivy Owen in a statement,  "It is a perfect complement to the new medical school and high school campuses and for the commercial developments that are being built along Frontier Blvd. We sincerely thank them for all the time, energy and resources they have put into this project."

The trail is built on land which was recently donated to the medical school that is set to be built. With this new addition, there are now 13.5 miles of trails at Chaffee Crossing.

"The thing about this trail, is that it is relatively flat. It's 1.25 miles and people can walk around it," said Lorie Robertson with the FCRA, "We also are thinking it will be really nice for people that work in the offices nearby, they'll be able to take a walk on their lunch break."

The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at the trail on Frontier Drive at 10:00 a.m.