Police: Woman Arrested After Head-Butting Walmart Employee

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Fayetteville Police arrested a woman they have been searching for since Tuesday (June 17) when she attempted to shoplift, head-butted a Walmart employee and injured her 3-year-old nephew, according to court documents.

Tiara Clark, 22, left the Walmart located at 3919 N. Mall Ave. without even attempting to pay for her merchandise. She exited the store with multiple items, including watermelon, a fruit rollup, an Incredible Hulk toy and more, court documents state.

Walmart employees stopped her and brought her back inside for questioning without incident, but when they informed her that they were calling the Fayetteville Police Department, she became confrontational, according to court documents.

Clark pushed a female employee into a shopping cart that was holding Clark’s 3-year-old nephew, causing the cart to fall over, and the child to bang his head into the concrete. She then ran down a hallway and head-butted another associate in the chest. After leaving the hallway, Clark fled on foot, abandoning her nephew in the process, court documents state.

Clark was later arrested and booked into the Washington County Detention Center. She faces  multiple charges including: robbery, endangering the welfare of a minor – 1st degree and three charges of battery – 3rd degree.

Her trial date has been set for Friday (June 20), according to the jail intake report.


  • Hmm??

    Now the kid 3 years old, not 2, and she headbutted 2 people, not 1? And in the other report it said that WalMart security had already taken her back to the Asset Protection office….so she escaped from Walmart security AFTER that, or ….?

    • well..

      Where does it say she headbutted 2 people? It says another person because she shoved one and headbutted another.
      The child is almost 3. It’s the news, you know they can’t keep their stories straight.

    • Sarah 1

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      • LibslovemeNOT

        Hmmm…they didn’t have cell phones back in 1984, so your comment doesn’t make sense. It wasn’t till Obama Hussein got in to office the FREE cell phones started helping the poor Afro America’s. Heck they need more than a beeper to complete the drug deals that we read about every day, and Hussein came through for them.

        But you keep “trying” to blame this black unrest on someone else 30 years ago SaraHA!
        The readers know what is what.

      • Arnold Fudpucker

        That cockiness comes as a result of her knowing that nothing will be done to punish her. She will be out walking around talking on her free obama phone on her way to pick up her gubbamint benefit check in no time. Thanks libs.

  • Tossin Midgets

    She should have never returned to the store with the employees. Instead, got in her vehicle, ditched the merchandise and went home. Then all of this could be avoided. Then she could have prayed to God for her sin and never shoplift again. LOL

  • bobreal

    Can’t really FINE her; cause she has NO MONEY TO BEGIN WITH…
    Hope they give her more than 90days and a slap on the wrist..

  • bob

    she stole a watermelon who would had thought lol. She should never shop lift with a kid lol at least if she was alone she could had ditched the stuff and run off with no strings attached.

    • LibslovemeNOT

      Yeah but you DO shop at Walmart so that’s makes you a hypocrite, no matter what dance you do LT. Act like you’re too good for Walmart! yet you push the shopping cart like everybody else because they have low prices. Next time take your dance somewhere else, then you can brag…..and we will just laugh at you ….again!

      • lt

        When did I say I’m too good for WalMart? But you got one thing right. I do SHOP at WalMart, not steal like you and obviously your sister. Hope your baby is okay after failing on the floor. P.S. Might want to get a new babysitter.

  • Freezebutthead

    Another liberal black who thinks they can do whatever they want…….This just shows they’re buttheads!

  • Really a watermelon?

    I went to school with this girl, anytime the teacher left the classroom she would flash the whole class.

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