Razorback Stadium To Sell Alcohol Next Season

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Some fans at Hog’s games will be able to buy beer and wine in razorback stadium this year.

Alcohol has never been sold in razorback stadium, but starting this football season, those with club level tickets will be able to purchase alcohol.

The University of Arkansas was approved this week to sell beer and wine at Razorback football games, but only in the club level seating on the south and east sides.

"They met all of our regulations and state laws,” said Rick Crisman, Deputy Director at ABC. “So, that's why they were approved.”

Officials say beer and wine will be sold by the stadium's food vendor, Sodexo, and not directly by the university.

“They applied like any other business could, for a large attendance facility,” Crisman said.

State officials say Razorback Stadium didn't get special treatment, adding no one submitted a complaint about the sales, allowing the process to move forward.

“We treat it like any other large attendance facility. Just because it's the University of Arkansas, or that's where it's located, had no bearing on it whatsoever," Crisman said.

Beer and wine still won’t be allowed in any seating areas outside of the club level.

“It's a little unfair,” said Jonathan Variames, a senior at the U of A. “But, if that's the way they want to start it, and my maybe they will start selling it on the floor where normal attendees could get it, that would be cool.”

Students at the U of A say they welcome this change, even though it won't affect those in general seating.

“It'll get people more riled up than they already are." Said Keefer Dean Roach, a senior at the university.

“At sporting events, it's always a fun option to have it," Variames said.

Officials tell 5news the stadium will be required to post signs that state ‘liquor isn’t allowed outside of club level doors’.

Ticket holders in the skyboxes were already allowed to bring their own alcohol into the games. However, no alcohol was previously sold in the football stadium.


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