XNA Approves Its 20-Year Master Plan

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The Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport has a plan for the next two decades. XNA Board members unanimously approved a master plan with future projects and upgrades.

It's about 400 pages long with an outline on construction projects and a tentative financial plan. The projects are expected to cost about $200 million.

Executive Director Scott Van Laningham said projects include a new airport access road, a parking deck and the growth of the car rental operations.

The money for most of the projects will come from what XNA generates on a regular basis with the exception of the big projects, Laningham said.

"There will be a special source of revenue for the parking deck, but folks are willing to pay more for covered parking," Laningham said. "So you build that into the financing plan."

"Then the access road we’ll probably going to have to come up with some sort of an access fee or we’ve always reserved the right to do that as a toll road but some way to generate additional revenue to cover the airport’s portion of that project,” he said.

The master plan creates a road map for the airport.

"Believe me one of our top priorities is recruiting additional airlines and low cost carriers," Laningham said. "What this document helps us do is make sure we’ve got the facilities that they can operate and we do right now."

"But we need to make sure as we continue to add new operations, we have the ability to meet their requirements as well,” he said.

Laningham said there was a committee that helped with the master plan. It was comprised of representatives from car rental, airlines and airport tenants. They also hired a consulting team.


  • D

    I’ll still fly out of Tulsa. XNA fares are a rip off! Way too expensive compared to other airports in the area.

  • Ted

    Yay more fees! Now it looks like I’ll have to pay a fee just for the privilege of driving to the airport!

  • my .02

    Covered parking – maybe but who in their right mind is going to pay a toll to drive to this airport? It’s 10 minutes from I-49 in Lowell as long as you make it through Cave Springs and about that from Rainbow Curve depending on traffic, I really don’t understand the logic. How about investing to get rid of the old concourse and make it like the new one, maybe that would draw more airlines if their passengers didn’t have to walk down the basement hallway to get to/from their plane.

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