Beebe Residents Trying To Open Pagan Temple Face Discrimination

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Two residents of Beebe seeking to open a Pagan temple in town have said they faced discrimination from Beebe city officials, according to a report from The Huffington Post. 

Bertram and Felicia Dahl initially got supportive response from the local government in Beebe when they told officials they planned to open a church in the garage behind their home. That changed when officials found out that the place of worship was going to be a Pagan church, The Huffington Post reported.

Dahl said that when he went to rent out a nearby park for the 12th Annual Pagan Pride festival, he was quoted an “unusually high fee” and was also served a cease and desist notice from the city, even though the Pagan church hadn’t opened yet, according to The Huffington Post.

Beebe Mayor Mike Robertson said the property was not zoned for commercial use, even though there are other commercial buildings on the same street, The Huffington Post reported. 

The mayor reportedly told Dahl during a meeting that they “would not be opening a Pagan anything” in the town, and if they tried to attend a town meeting, they’d be barred from the docket, according to The Huffington Post.

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    • Kathryn

      How about you get run out instead? Your current mindset is very unAmerican. Shame on you for disgracing the Constitution that all soldiers have fought and even died for.

      • Arkajun

        Kathryn, Your liberal views are so asinine they don’t deserve print. The Constiutuion was founded on a belief in God and our soldiers have fought and died in the belief of God, not some Satanistic cult trying to establish their blood lust thinking on fellow human beings. At some point a line has to be drawn between good and evil…This place is as good as any….If you and your buddies want to bow to Satan, go to Washington DC, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is his home address.

      • Einar

        ARKAJUN, learn your history before you say ignorant things. This is not and has never been a Christian nation. Thomas Jefferson included Pagans as among the people the 1st amendment (you know, the one that prohibits the country from being a Christian one by the establishment clause that both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the guy who drafted the bill of rights, said separated the government from religion) protects. You might be shocked to find out that there are quite a few non-Christians and Pagans in our military. You may also be shocked again to know that most of the founding fathers weren’t even Christians (at least by the standards you would likely use) but were deists. Thomas Jefferson even edited a version of the New Testament that takes out the miracles and claims of divinity. It might also be worth mentioning that it wouldn’t be hard to find people who claim to be Christians who would say you aren’t a real Christian. Please learn empathy (love thy neighbor even as thyself and all that). I don’t think Jesus would approve your statements.

    • Jessie Raines

      Not sure how religious freedom = liberals…?

      So is it safe to say, by the tone of your statement, that religious freedom for only Christianity = conservatives? How unconstitutional!

      Thank God I am a Libertarian! I believe in religious freedom for all as long as it does not violate our Constitution, and the government has no right to intervene or regulate if there is no constitutional violations.

    • James

      This country was founded on freedom of relegion. The pilgrims came sought new lands because they where being discriminated against and yet we discriminate against other people who have a different relegion or belief than Christianity. It’s your constitutional right for freedom if relegion. What I don’t get is we don’t want other people to invade our constitutional rights but at the same time we don’t want other people to have the same freedoms as us. It’s not right.

  • Teresa Cooper

    This country was founded on FREEDOM OF RELIGION. That means ALL religions, not just yours. I am a pagan and was born and raised in Arkansas.

  • joesumone

    That’s the typical Christian Church Organized Network, or Christian C.O.N., response. Potential federal lawsuit? I sure hope so.

  • Julie

    We tried to open a Christian church on our property and got shut down! We are out of the city limits and finally they old us we didn’t have a fire hydrant close enough.

  • crystal

    I only know one thing to be for sure, God our father said not to put any other God’s before him. If your not worshiping the True God. Then he is a enemy of the true God. My opinion is we should have never let any other religion into our country , Our Country was founded on God, Jesus and Holy sprit, If you want to worship other God’s than get out of our country and you welcome to do so. Just not here , Now I believe we should pray for those who don’t believe in the one true God and his son Jesus. I don’t sit high enough on the throne to be anyone judge. I just know what his word says and I’m glad he is still in control. But we have let him down by letting other religions come into our country that is what is wrong with us today. Kick him out of school , now we have school shootings. And we are also now not to say the word Jesus in schools or other places but the ones who don’t believe can say anything they wish. Now we know what Jesus meant when they persecuted him for no reason , they hated him.

    • joesumone

      “I don’t sit high enough on the throne to be anyone judge.”-Crystal
      “My opinion is we should have never let any other religion into our country , Our Country was founded on God, Jesus and Holy sprit, If you want to worship other God’s than get out of our country and you welcome to do so. Just not here”-Crystal
      You judged everyone who has a differing religious preference. You truly are a Christian.

    • Anon

      Last I checked we overtook a country belonging to someone else and then killed them to almost extinction and placed the rest on reservations. They were not and still are not Christian. Also, unless you are the original religion that came from England then by your own words you should leave your home and go worship in some dark corner of the world. Enjoy your Easter egg hunts and Christmas tree with presents, both of which are not Christian at all.

    • Kayla Dooley

      pagans were here before Christians where. paganism is older and Christianity and your amazing Christianity has pagan dna. i am a proud pagan and am glad i moved fro the state of AR because of the discrimination. please study the teachings of your religion before condemning people. thank you and enjoy your delusions.

    • James

      Crystal not everyone believes the same as you. This is the reason why we have a separation of church and state. If you look at these Muslim countries there relegion runs their government and you see how successful their governments are. Give others the same freedoms you desire.

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