Baby Boy Dies After Being Struck By Pickup

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A one-year-old child died Friday from injuries sustained after being struck by a vehicle driven by a family member, according to the Springdale Police Department.

Police said the boy suffered critical injuries and was taken to Northwest Medical Center in Springdale. Police say he was taken to the emergency room and the staff called the police to investigate. The baby died a short time afterward, police said.

Neighbors of the family that saw the aftermath of the accident said the young boy was backed over by a red pickup.

Authorities say ER staff called them around 4:10 p.m. yesterday.  The incident is thought to have happened at least an hour before that.

Police say the accident occured in the 700 block of Lariat.

No other information on the incident has been released.

The case is still under investigation.


    • Sarah 1

      We have to be responsible for our little ones. The Internet, video games, phone, nothing is more important than caring for our children. We have many differences HL but on this we have the same thoughts.
      Please do not leave your children unattended whether in the back yard, to run into the quick stop, or in the bathtub or pool. Let’s start right now to have a safer summer than last year.

  • soonerfan

    I agree with. HL and SARAH 1. This is way beyond tragic. We do have to be responsible for our children and grandchildren. They depend on us.

  • Mark Smith

    So, so very sad. This will require nothing short of God’s intervention to help the family member who was driving. Some people have an immature concept of God when they ask “why would he allow something like this to occur?”. There actually is a God given Peace that more than makes up for the pain involved – IF one is willing to be open too it and spend the time grieving. The later is going to happen anyway.

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