Officers Search For Escaped Pine Bluff Prisoner

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Man with ties to Booneville escapes prison.

An inmate with a prior residence in Booneville escaped last night from the Arkansas Department of Correction facility in Pine Bluff, officials said.  A Logan County Jury sentenced Timothy “Bo” Buffington to a 240-month prison sentence for first degree murder, records show.

According to Shea Wilson, Arkansas Department of Correction public information officer,  the inmate left his work assignment Saturday at around 7 p.m. Officials initially focused their search in the Princeton Pike area near the Pine Bluff prison.

Wilson said authorities are also collecting information about his escape and are unsure of what prompted him to run. According to the A.D.C.. website, Buffington last resided at 192 1st St. in Booneville

He is 5-foot-6 and weighs 182 pounds, with distinguishable scars on his upper left arm and right wrist.

The A.D.C. advises you contact the local authorities with any information. WIlson said, “We contacted law enforcement agencies across the state and we made contacts with anyone who might have knowledge of his whereabouts.”


  • soonerfan

    This is pitiful. How can a Murderer just walk off? Our judicial system needs to be looked at. No excuse for this. Guards here need to be punished.

    • RC

      I agree with you, what kind of work assignment would allow a murderer to have that kind of roaming freedom…. , why didn’t a guard escort him?, why have prisons. life of good, you get three meals, a bed, visitors and commissary. what a better life, dang. ship all prisoners to a planet where there is no access to the free world as they call it.

    • Andy

      There are no “guards” to be punished in this situation. Just wait until all of the situation is disclosed and you will see that your self-righteous indignation is misplaced.

  • joesumone

    The story, or KFSM, or both, conveniently leave out that the individual was convicted in 1999 and had served 15 of the 20 year sentence. His behavior preceding the recent events gained him “trustee” status. He probably is on his way to see his children, or head south of the border.

    • HL

      No murderer should ever be a “trustee”. And no matter where he’s going, he’s still an escaped murderer, walking around loose.


    governments murder people everyday, bankers rob people, white collar criminals and b.a.b.y r.a.p.e.r.s don’t get punished….until everyone is punished equally I could give a s.h.i.t less if he escaped. according to ADC website his release date was 2 years ago. sounds to me like he should have been released then.


      Arkansas prison is full of people for non violent drug charges as well as people who are way past their “T.E” dates. they keep it like that so they can cry and whine that they are overcrowded. every barracks in every prison in Arkansas has at least 5 to 8 beds open. “empty racks” they aren’t overcrowded.. if they were worried about money the field lieutenants wouldn’t get new trucks every year


    they wouldn’t build trailer parks outside every prison and give free rent and utilities to all the hoe squad riders and majors and captains and assistant wardens and wardens.. every prison employee in Arkansas is on “welfare” they want to save money then they need to trim the fat

    • 1955thekeeper

      Wow! Well Corporal, who pi$$d in your bowl of Wheaties? Only an ADC employee could dish the dirt as you just have. Where is your home unit located? I know that it can’t be PBC because we don’t kill and eat our own.

  • HL

    20 years for 1st degree murder. If this murderer would have been executed in the 1st place, he wouldn’t be an ESCAPED murderer, now.

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