Health Inspection Finds Nine Violations With Walmart Home Office Cafe

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Nine violations were found after a recent health inspection at the Walmart Home Office Cafe in Bentonville, according to a food establishment assessment report from the Arkansas Department of Health.

Some of the problems included violation of good hygienic practices, hands not being properly cleaned and washed between serving food and food serving areas not being kept at proper temperatures, the report states.

This inspection was done when multiple Walmart associates reported “feeling ill” after eating at a Mexican restaurant within the cafe called Salsarita’s. The restaurant is operated by a third party company called Eurest, the spokeswoman said.

While the source of the reported illness hasn’t been confirmed yet, out of caution, Eurest has voluntarily suspended operations at the restaurant, according to the spokeswoman.

To view the entire health report, click here. 



  • Mark Smith

    Thank God! A local news source willing to do news stories regardless of target. Way to go. Your credibility just went up several notches! (Now if we can just correct the grammar and spelling issues :) )

  • Sarah 1

    I read the restaurant inspections every week and it is alarming the violations occurring at our local eateries.

  • Larry

    Its a shame Cedarville Convience stores maggots in the pizza meat was brushed under the rug last month by Crawford county. Shame on them. A worker has chemical pneumonia because of cleaning up from this.

  • Keith L. Terceira

    Maggots can only be caused by poor refrigeration and lack of rotating stock properly. Running a kitchen is a profession not a low skilled employment opportunity which is why they have culinary institutes and college degrees in rest. management. Checking daily throughout the day that your refrigeration units are properly working is a health code requirement and all units must have working thermometers. It is wise when locating a improperly working unit to gauge the temp of food and trash it if temps are elevated as it can lead to several illnesses. After 35 years in the industry I have been told by several inspectors that there is no such thing as a 24 hours bug, more likely you have received food poisoning. This can occur in your own home if you have children or adults that stand at the re-fridge for several minutes with the door open, reducing temps. It can take an hour for the re-fridge. to make proper adjustment.

  • Larry

    I would use EXTERME caution if ordering from this store. No, I take it back …… DON’T buy any food from this nasty place. Even other workers have been made sick from eating their food.

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