Foster Care Subsidies To Be Delayed A Month

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Those receiving foster care or adoption subsidies from the state will not receive a July check in the mail, in order to decrease the volume of overpayments that sometimes happen, according to a letter sent to recipients.

Instead, those slated for payment are now scheduled to receive their July checks a month later, in August, with each month’s check appearing the following month, the letter states.

The letter from Cecile Blucker, director of the Arkansas Department of Human Services’ Division of Children and Family Services, states that the Foster Care/Adoption Subsidy Board Cycle process is changing “in order to eliminate paying for placement in advance and decreasing the volume of overpayments and recoupments that occur as a result of the current process.”

Recipients will receive their July payments in mid-August, according to the letter. August foster care and subsidy payments will be received “around the second week in September,” the letter states.


  • bobby

    State lottery in Georgia paid for daycare when I lived there.I don’t know if it still does,but I can remember allot of single parents were able to work during the daycare hours making employment possible for them.

  • Robin

    I have a hard time understanding this: ” in order to decrease the volume of over payments that **SOMETIMES** happen”. How often, and how many are involved in this, ‘sometimes’ happen?

  • Julie Barnes Howard

    They do not pay for placement “in advance”, they reimburse after the child is placed. I am a foster parent and have never received a board payment until the month AFTER the child has been placed.

    • Eliza

      We foster a sibling group and didn’t receive a board payment until five months after they were placed with us. We were never reimbursed for those months, we paid everything out of our pockets.

      • Bob Gnarly

        Thank you for what you do! It is shameful that our government chooses to make things tougher on people who are trying to do the right thing.

  • Sherry

    Those checks are back pay for the previous month already. You have a child for a whole month before the next month’s pay cycle is paid. The reason overpayments are made is someone doesn’t do their paperwork in a timely manner. So of course they’re not going to fix the problem but make the children who need this money suffer instead. I thought foster care was about the children? This is why this state struggles to get and keep wonderful caring foster parents. Did you know that it takes over a $1000 a month for middle-income couple to raise a child born last year, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report? Arkansas state only gives back Foster Parents a little more than $400 of that each month!

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