Deputies: Benton County Woman Attacks Ex-Husband With Stick

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A Benton County woman was arrested after showing up at her former husband’s residence and attack him and another woman there with a stick, according to court documents.

Ann Kelly, 50, of Garfield, showed up at her ex-husband’s residence in the 23000 block of Spider Creek Road in Garfield on June 15 at 12:34 a.m. and started knocking things off his porch, court document state.

Thinking that coyotes were on his porch and trying to get his cats, Kelly’s ex-husband opened the front door to find her there with a stick. She threw a rock and potted plant at her ex-husband then proceeded to attack him with the stick, causing a small abrasion on his left arm, according to court documents.

Kelly believed there was someone else in the residence (and there was), and she was calling the woman she believed to be in the residence a “whore” and other names, court documents state.

Eventually, the former husband wrestled with his ex-wife and got her out of the house, but she stated that she would come back and kill them, according to court documents.

When authorities arrived, the ex-husband said he and the woman with him were leaving to stay in a hotel for the night, court documents state.

A warrant was issued for Kelly’s arrest, and she was later booked into the Benton County Detention Center. She faces charges of aggravated assault and terroristic threatening, according to court documents.


  • Sarah 1

    Once the guy is your ex-husband, you have to stay away. No matter how much you love the old coot and despise his new roommate. If he owes you money, go to court. A stick just doesn’t work.

  • Tom

    This “Jerry Springer-esque” story is just the type of distraction these liberal goons at 5NEWs use to cover for their messiah Obama. Never a mention of all the scandals going on now.

    • Mark Smith

      Tom, please stop plagerising the talk shows (messiah) and at least state an original thought. While I agree with your views, I’m on a one-man (sorry feminists) mission to combat ignorance in the area. Arkansas us 48th in the country. I try to be consistent in pointing ANY thing approaching ignorance like colloquialisms which your comment contains .
      Thank you

    • Joe

      Yeah, Tom’s the official 5News online troll. He always has something to say, about anything. The smartest man in the world Tom is. Good job Tom!

  • Mark Smith

    Horrible Grammer once again 5news. Match the same tense in the same tense (and same pareagraph). This is journalism?

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