Hispanic and Asian Communities Invite Mayor To Town Hall Meeting

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The Asian and Hispanic communities gathered for a town hall meeting with the city of Fort Smith Thursday (June 26). The meeting started at 6:00 this evening at the Adult Education Center. They’re working together with the Fort Smith Board of Directors and the mayor to figure out ways to get more involved in the city.

The Adult Education Center has had a long history of working with the Hispanic and Asian community. However, this was the first meeting where the mayor of Fort Smith, Sandy Sanders, has been invited.

“Well I think it’s important to meet with the entire community and this is just segments of the entire Fort Smith community”, said Sanders. “And the Hispanic community is growing in our school system, its about 31 percent of our student population,” said Sanders.

This meeting is a good outreach to talk to all citizens. Although the meeting was open to the public this specific time it happened to be with a particular group.

The Asian and Hispanic population is growing in Fort Smith. However, there is little involvement in the city with the Hispanic and Asian community. In the meeting, they suggested ideas to the local government.

“Ways to improve this city and also the mayor is going to be providing resources and tools where the Hispanic community can benefit from,” said 19 – year- old Humberto Marquez. “Because sometimes the Hispanic community aren`t aware of these issues or these benefits such as public transportation or other things,” said Marquez.

This meeting served as a platform to create a bridge between the Hispanic community and the city of Fort Smith.

“And I think really targeting the Asian community and bringing them out and we will have translators available if needed and I think it will be really nice to get a new group of people accustomed to and learning about the city,” said Gary Udouj the Director of the Adult Education Center.

Many topics were discussed at the meeting including the city government, employment opportunites, and how to apply for jobs in the city.

 “I would hope the people would be excited about attending to learn more about the city and to be more involved in the city,” said Sanders. “This is an opportunity for people again to learn more about where they live,” said Sanders.

 They hope that the town hall meeting helped the Hispanic and Asian community get more involved and civically engaged in the city of Fort Smith.


  • bobreal

    Now let ONLY BLACKS have a Meeting..
    Then Have ONLY WHITES have a Meeting…

    • Bobby Jones

      Whites are becoming second-class citizens to illegal foreign invaders – payback courtesy of his majesty Barack Obama.

  • Jay

    Like it or not there have been plenty of laws prohibiting minorities from having equal rights and a fair shot to succeed in this country. So, some of y’all might have to deal with it for a little while.

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      Not familiar with the old saying about the sins of the father not being blamed on the son are you! I’ll bet you’d be screaming if it was your money being thrown about. These invaders from the south are crippling our country and our culture. They have no intention of assimilating and that is very clear. They are here for what the corrupt politicians can give to them at the expense of the taxpayer. We are not mexico’s or any other central amercian country’s welfare system. when are you lazy libs going to get a clue.

    • FedUp

      Jay, some way or another you really need to get into the 21 century. Living in the past is a waste of your life. When you get time, check the statistics concerning blacks vs. whites employed by the Feds.

  • Arnold Fudpucker

    Why were interpreters present at this meeting? I. D. should have been checked at the door to start with to make sure they are here LEGALLY. If they can’t speak the language they have no business participating in the governance of the city. Why cater to these invaders.

  • Jay

    You can still be of a different race and still be an American citizen. I guess some people here don’t know that. American does not mean whites only.

  • Jay

    But through out history any race who has immigrated into this country has been discriminated against, Cubans, Jews, Italians, Irish, and now Hispanics.

  • Jay

    These are just some examples of what minorities have gone through here in the U.S.,
    Black Codes, Blockbusting,
    Chinese Exclusion Act, Immigration Act of 1924, Indian Appropriations, Indian Removal Act, JapaneseAmerican interment,
    Jim Crow laws Proposition 14,
    Racial steering, Redlining,
    School segregation, segregation academy, Separate but equal, Sundown town
    Join the club Arnold, fed up, and Tom. I do live in the 21st, but don’t deny that racism still exists when people like y’all can’t acknowledge that there are Hispanics and Asians that are Americans too. You automatically assume that they are here illegally. At least they’re trying to better their community. What are trying to do to improve yours?

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