LPGA Officials Ask Spectators To Be Weary Of Sun This Weekend

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With thousands of golf fans expected to visit the Pinnacle Hills Country Club this weekend, tournament officials said they are doing what they can to keep their patrons safe from the elements.

"If you're out here and you're out here for a long time, it can sneak up on you," Tournament chairman Jay Allen said, "There are a lot of opportunities to get shade, but still air on the side of caution and put on sunscreen."

Allen said there will be air conditioned cooling tents around hole 17. He said there were also be multiple tables around the course offering free wet cooling cloths.

The chairman said they are selling water for only $1 to make sure people take the opportunity to stay hydrated. He said there will concession stands for patrons to buy ice cream, food and other beverages as well.

"There's shade stations around the course, and of course there's lots of trees at the Pinnacle," Allen said, "There's a lot of opportunity for people to stay hydrated and stay cool, and we just ask that people keep that in mind."

Professional golfer Dori Carter said the pros aren't immune to the elements either.

"We definitely eat and drink a lot," the Georgia-native said, "And the heat does play a role, and it can come back to bite you so you have to take it head on and really prepare for it."

Carter said she will be out in the sun around 20 hours this weekend, and she said she will definitely be applying protection.

"It's just important," Carter said, "It can get dangerous especially because we are outside always in the sun, so everyone wears sunscreen for sure."

Carter said the professionals and the patrons need to make sure they are ready for whatever the weather may bring this weekend.

"You just have to prepare yourself," She said, "It's just kind of another thing in your routine that you have to do."

Tournament officials want visitors to know that coolers are not allowed, but umbrellas, small bags and purses are permitted.


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