Manhunt On For Convicted Felon Who Fled Before Prison, Deputies Say

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Crawford County deputies are searching for a man they say fled with his two young boys when he was supposed to report for prison Thursday.

Michael Pachl was supposed to report in to authorities Thursday to be taken to prison Friday, after being convicted on felony fleeing charges, said Chief Deputy Jim Damante. Instead, Pachl fled in his vehicle with two young boys when deputies showed up to his Cedarville home, according to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies lost sight of Pachl after he fled the scene. He later parked on the side of a back road and ran off into the woods with the boys, Damante said.

The chief deputy said the boys were later found safe and transported to a local hospital to be checked out. Authorities have not released the ages of the children or their current status.

Investigators continue to search for Pachl. They do not believe he is armed. The suspect will likely face additional charges after his capture, the chief deputy said.


  • Happy

    So where the H are they searching? Lots of elderly people live in the Uniontown, Cedarville area.

    • Arkansans for Justice

      Petty crime? Starting an extremely dangerous high speed car chase is a dangerous and serious crime.

  • Larry

    And getting drug dealers off the streets refuses future crimes as well. The dealers sell buyers can’t keep jobs so the break into your homes to steal from you to buy the drugs from the dealers. It’s the circle of life for the drug market…

  • Larry

    And speaking of theives, Cedarville’s international computer hacker, password hacker is opening a business called Kokopeli Grill in his town. Oh well … Just don’t use a debit card or credit card or carry your cell phone with you. Once a thief …. You can finish that.

    • Happy

      Oh my gosh, and where do I find out the name of this piece of SH** as I have no intention of doing any business with him

    • Happy

      Holy C this is the guy that worked at the courthouse and his wife worked there at one time? Is Alicson Pyle by any chance part owner of this new restaurant? I’m not going anywhere near this place, even if I am starving.

      • Happy

        Guess he has to figure out something to work at to pay that $750,00 restitution for being convicted of his crime, but it won’t be me that helps him pay it

      • Larry

        Yes. For those that do they need to be sure to use cash and don’t take your cell phone in there! And the county rural fire department has this guy and several other theives on their department. Luckily the city was able to open a city fire department and get away from these crooks.

  • Amazed!

    They are hot and heavy after this guy but what about the former Cedarville treasure, stole thousands yet still free! Amazing!! Only in Crawford county.

  • Larry

    They investigated this guy for a long time before he was charged. That’s the system for ya. He’s been charged and convicted. Too bad they let him plea out to 1 of 5921 felony counts.

  • wowsie

    first of all he is not a didn’t say that in the was a high speed chase..And Larry, how do you know how many felony accounts he has?? Really, how do you know? Al Capon didnt have that many felonies! PLEASE!.. This has nothing to do with the space they have in the jails..You all are missing the subject of this article!

  • Larry

    Wowsie, if you didn’t google this and read the warrants and charges that’s why you don’t know about the 5921 counts. Do your research. And the guy on the run original arrest was for drugs with intent to deliver. That says dealer in anyone’s book.

    • Educate yourself

      Oh Larry, how ignorant you are!!! If someone only had, lets say, a quarter of an ounce on them and had just got back from buying groceries, where they purchased sandwich bags. If they were to get pulled over, the cop would find the pot, then search the rest of the vehicle and find the sandwich bags, this person would be arrested possession with intent to deliver. And yes when I was younger I smoked pot and done drugs. Now I am a college graduate with a degree in business and marketing, and understand that everybody makes mistakes and should not have a bunch of hicks passing judgment on what they think they know!

    • Larry

      Convicted? Mr semi educated. With you Happy. But that area is forrested. Makes it harder to search. Obviously they are not concerned for any ones safety or they wouldn’t be waiting on someone or him turning him in.

    • wowsie

      He is my nephew, Larry, and I know for a fact he don’t have that many felonies! You cant believe all what you read, Larry! . I know what exactly what happened and very aware of what he has done… And did THIS article say anything about intent to deliver?? No it didn’t! must be on the wrong page..literally!

  • Happy

    I’d like to know why this guy is STILL on the loose? Sheriff’s department, you need to earn that tax money that was just voted for

  • Larry

    Uncle Wowsie: never said Pachl’s charges were felonies. Was talking about another home boy on the fire department in that statement.
    “In January, Pachl was convicted in Crawford County of felony fleeing and sentenced to three years in prison. He had previous convictions in 2011 for manufacturing, delivering and possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia out of Sebastian County. He was sentenced to six years in prison for those offenses, according to inmate information listed on the ADC website. – See more at:”

    • wowsie

      well, that still don’t add up to 5921 charges of any kind, Larry! You need an adding machine?..whose the dummy now??!! And you STILL believing everything you read!..You have WAAAAY too much time on your hands! Next time get your info from a RELIABLE sourse, PLEASE! Don’t want you to look Dummer than the last post.!

  • Larry

    You are the one who can’t read. Google Crawford county courthouse hacker. Never said mr pachl had 5921 counts. This other guy in Cedarville. Townsend. I’m not going to help the felon pay off his near $700,000 in restitution by buying any food from his restraunt in Cedarville. For those of you who do, guard your credit and debit cards, checking accounts and cell phones. He’s obviously very good at what he was finally caught doing internationally.

  • Larry

    Cedarville Man Pleads Guilty To Computer And Email Hacking
    Share this:

    Mark Anthony Townsend, 45, of Cedarville, pleaded guilty to one count of computer hacking in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1030, according to a news release from Conner Eldridge, United States Attorney for the Western Division of Arkansas.

    The plea took place in United States District Court for the Western District of Arkansas in Fort Smith.

    U. S. Attorney Eldridge stated “This case involves the repeated invasion of email accounts on a staggering scale.  Law-abiding citizens should be protected against hackers who seek to steal their personal information.  This defendant violated the privacy of thousands of individuals in order to enrich himself at the expense of others.  He has now been held accountable, and we will continue to do all we can to investigate and prosecute those that seek to compromise the security of ordinary people.”

    Documents filed in the case from May, 2002 through June, 2013, Townsend operated and participated in an online Internet business which solicited customers that sought, in return for a fee, the passwords of email accounts belonging to other people.

    Townsend and others that he recruited to participate in the business obtained those passwords without the permission of the password owners.

    The defendant and others involved in the business emailed those passwords and screenshots to the customers upon payment of the negotiated fees. Through everything, Townsend and others obtained access to approximately 5,921 email accounts.

    “Townsend faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a maximum fine of twice the gross gain or loss resulting from the computer hacking offense, which resulted in victims’ losses of approximately $356,235.35,” the news release states.


    • wowsie

      well, some of us has to work rather than google everything on the net all day…your just a Busy Bee!…your words, Larry,”Wowsie, if you didn’t google this and read the warrants and charges that’s why you don’t know about the 5921 counts. Do your research. And the guy on the run original arrest was for drugs with intent to deliver. That says dealer in anyone’s book”……You said Pachl had 5921 warrants..get your story straight!

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