Woman Pays $140 To Get Stolen Lawn Equipment Back From Pawn Shop

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A Fayetteville woman says she had to pay a local pawn shop for items that were stolen from her by a burglary suspect who sold them to the store.

Gale Hancock’s weed-eater and lawn edger were taken from her garage June 16. A week later, Fayetteville police arrested Ryan Langley on suspicion of felony residential burglary after searching through pawn records. He was released Thursday from the Washington County Detention Center without bond, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Before Langley’s arrest, police said he sold the items to a local pawn shop. Hancock, 61, went to retrieve her stolen items from Big Brother’s Pawn on Friday. She said she had to pay $140 for the pawn shop to release her items to her. That is the same price the pawn shop paid to the suspect, Hancock said.

Hancock said she was given a receipt and told she could demand authorities compel the suspect to pay restitution if Langley is convicted in the case. She could have left her items at the pawn shop while waiting for the suspect’s case to end. Such a situation could take a year or more to be resolved, so Hancock decided to buy her items back instead of waiting, she said.

Hancock said she is unhappy about having to pay for her stolen lawn equipment, but is pleased with how quickly Fayetteville police worked the burglary case and made an arrest.

Langley’s arraignment is scheduled for July 25, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

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  • Sarah 300

    Never having done business with a pawn shop, I don’t know the particulars of their business but this seems very wrong.
    Mrs. Hancock should have gotten her items back without charge. Seems to me the shop is taking the chance when they take in items that could be stolen (which is anything?).

  • Darlene

    I know how she feels and even if they are prosecuted you never get your money back. Our system is in favor of the criminal and not the person being victimized. Washington county is bad my son is owed over 2000. 00. And he still has not gotten his money. So I feel like the criminals feel like hey I don’t have to pay so I can do what ever I want.

    • Sarah 300

      One remedy is small claims court. You need no attorney.
      The laws in AR are skewered sometimes to benefit the criminal.

      • Sarah 300

        I would definitely call the Attorney General and inquire about a remedy. After all those horrid payday lenders are vanquished.

  • sooner fan

    I thought pawn shops had to hold items for 30 days to see if the item was reported stolen. Guess that’s why I’m not a Lawyer I don’t know laws

  • Mike

    She should have called the police and had the person at the pawn shop arrested for theft by receiving.

  • phil

    seems to me the pawn shop should be charged for receiving stolen property.if i was the owner i would have just given
    her stuff back since it is a police matter.kind of a catch 22 type of deal.

  • Ahzz

    If all else fells, Mrs. Hancock should have the courts to make this little sticky finger THIEF her Yard-Boy for the rest of the summer! (Hoping to that she has a very big yard!) LOL

  • jones

    I don’t know how this makes news. It happen to me 5 months ago and I had to pay 97.00 to towson pawn for my play station that was pawn for 75.00 and I am still waiting on my money to come back to me and he’s already plead guilty 4 months ago.

  • bob

    And I had a car radio stolen from me in the past. I reported it and they caught the guy I was promised money but as Jones said Im still waiting and that was 7 years ago when it happed. Only people who gain is the judges and pd cause all the money gose to them not the victims.

  • bobreal

    Should of filed papers Possession Of Stolen Property; and had the one that Received The Stolen Property Arrested. Then let the Person That Received the Stolen Property file Selling Stolen Property.

  • EK

    Read the article carefully, The only reason she had to pay is she didn’t want to wait. Until a judge determines that those items were stolen they are the property of the store. Many victims decide they got their items back and no longer want to be bothered with the prosecution of the criminal, don’t bother showing up for court ect. Its a “friend” or family member and they don’t want them to get in trouble. Legitimate pawn shops are licensed and regulated and report what they buy and from whom to local law enforcement. That is how items get recovered and thieves get caught. If she waited the judge would have given the items back to her and might have made the criminal make restitution to the store. Instead she paid for items and the judge will probably order restitution to the victim in the amount she paid pawn shop. Might be a year, might also be 30 days. Its not the stores fault justice system is slow. However, I am willing to wager that if it wasn’t for the store reporting the transaction in the first place, the items would not have been recovered and criminal would go unpunished. Yes, I’m in the industry.

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