Centerton Day Celebrates 100th Anniversary Of Town

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The annual Centerton Day fell on an extra-special year in 2014---the centennial of the growing town.

This is the thirty-eighth year the local festival has entertained its residents. On Saturday locals had many options for activities, including a 5K race, a kids fishing derby, a tiny tot pageant, a parade and an auction to benefit the local animal shelter and the fire department.

Mayor Bill Edward said the community fun day started as a fundraiser for the volunteer fire department. He said the event attracted 1500 people this year, and because of the recent growth of Centerton Day the city took over the festival.

"I like getting the community together and letting people meet their neighbors and just have a good time, " Edwards said.

Jason Brooks moved to Northwest Arkansas two years ago. He said his kids enjoyed their first experience at Centerton Day.

"I think we’re more excited for our children to see everything...the mobile aquarium and we’re going to see the ghost hunters and stuff like that but so far we are enjoying everything," Brooks said.

Ashlie Hopkins and Taylor Cunningham said they also experiencing Centerton Day for the first time.

"We are having a lot of fun," Cunningham said, "It's my first year here ,and we are having a lot of fun."

They said their young sons kept very busy at the festival.

"He’s rode the ponies and he got to watch a helicopter lift off," She said, "He’s having a blast."

The festival happens every year on the last Saturday in June.

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  • Ted

    Here’s to another 100 years of endless, poorly planned subdivisions and strip malls! Congratulations on being the future home of Bentonville West High School! At least your current mayor isn’t being pursued by Satanists (I hope).

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