One Person Hospitalized In Crawford County Shooting

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A shooting in Crawford County hospitalizes one person.

The incident happened early Saturday (June 28) morning in the northern part of the county, according to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Ron Brown said Lloyd Dickson Pense, 43, faces multiple charges including attempted murder.

The victim in the shooting has been identified as Pense’s girlfriend, Brown said. The victim sustained injuries and is in serious but stable condition. Authorities have not yet released the name of the victim.

Pense is being held at the Crawford County Detention Center, according to authorities. A bond has not yet been set.

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  • Junky Magi

    The victim in the shooting has been identified as Pense’s girlfriend, Brown said.
    Authorities have not yet released the name of the victim.

  • Mayor of Winfrey Valley

    They both need to be drug tested. They where both out of there minds on drugs 90% of the time. Heard ICE has been real popular in there area, guess it’s some kind of meth. There’s alot of people in that area that need brought down for drugs.

  • Tom

    This shooting has been brought to you by the NRA, who reminds all citizens that this shooting could have prevented if there was a “good guy with a gun” on the scene.

  • Justice

    Tom, what the heck does the NRA have to do with this aside from the fact that because of their comitment to the protection of our rights this victim was legally allowed to arm herself had she chosen to.

  • Mayor of Winfrey Valley

    Wouldn’t matter if she had a gun or not. She was so high she wouldn’t have known how to use it. The man that shot at her was already a felon. Don’t matter if they take guns from people because outlaws will still get there hands on them anyways. Hope to see the woman that got shot at and the man that did it both go down because there both junkies.

  • bobreal

    Hope they put Lloyd is a Cell with several Bubba’s BIGGER than Him So they can teach him how to show Manners to a Lady..

    • Someone who Knows

      Lloyd was beaten almost to death in a cell that he was not supposed to be in a couple years ago. He went to prison for a cover up for some other people that are still not behind bars for their crimes. He was their scape goat, and almost died for it! They, on the other hand, are still living the good life. As for him trying to shoot someone??? He shot at the car lock trying to get into the car that this supposed “lady” was trying to steal from him! He had no intensions of trying to hurt her. She is a total druggy and didn’t want him to see his own kids! I know he is not perfect and he has made a lot of bad choices, but this person you are calling a “lady” is NO lady, and she was just as responsible for what happened as he was. Don’t judge someone before you know the whole story.

    • joseph duncan pense

      this is joseph pense….I am not the mayor of winfrey valley…Thanks for your vote…

      • judge not

        Did someone say your name? I don’t believe they did. If you were convicted to feel that, it is between you and God. It could be to a number of people but the conviction and knowing those word written could affect many. No finger has been specifically pointed. I feel many convictions. My words can be spoken in human error but convictions come from God.

  • Someone who Knows

    As I stated in my response above; I said that she was just as responsible for what happened as he was…. meaning they were both responsible.

  • judge not

    The mayor of Winfrey sounds as if they need to be checked out for ice their self because who in the area would know about ice unless they were somehow involved. I can’t say that Mr. Pense has not faltered from time to time but attempted murder is bs and anyone around knows that to be true. That gf of his is a real but job and is probably facing charges for false accusations against Mr Pense. Crawford county plays by their own rules and most are crooked themselves and let’s not forget its election time and are ready to put on a show of look at me and what I can do for the county.

  • judge not

    And it is true that Mr Pense did serve time as part of a cover up for someone else’s crime that went unpunished but like I said. Its crawford county.

  • Mayor of Winfrey Valley

    As they the Mayor Of Winfrey Valley I also know everything that happens in my valley. I’m confused about a couple things. Dick Pense was framed for someone else’s crime? If my brother was framed for someone else’s crime I wouldn’t be afraid to stand up and dime them out. So if he was maybe you shouldn’t just drop that and take it back and fight it. I’m pretty sure he was pictured a few times up on my beloved mountain taking care of those Marijuana plants. But I’m sure he had nothing to do with it. Also I will agree his new lady friend is a complete junkie. Your prolly not gonna find a real keeper at a crooked doctors office where you are both seeking methadone. Sounds like love tho don’t it. What hurts me the most is you say she didn’t want him to see his kids. I hurt because he has 5 beautiful kids. His son thinks the world of him. Mr. Lloyd never spent time with his kids before that junkie came into his life. That’s 5 kids that never got to experience what it was like to have a mom and dad that cared. That’s something they will have to live with for the rest of there lifes. Violet is an amazing lady but she is getting old and isn’t gonna be able to raise his kids for much longer. Then those boys are gonna end up going from family to family till they are older. No telling what mental problems that will leave them with. But that’s okay I watched him grow up on my mountain, he is a real good guy and a real solid dad. You should bail him out, I’m sure he won’t do nothing again to get sent back to prison in the next few years. Not. There’s a pattern people. Maybe that money you people might waste on a good lawyer or for bail you should just gather and put back to help his kids go to college with or help them get a vehicle with when they turn 16. I have 4 kids and I also used to love drugs and partying but I gave it up when I found out I was gonna be a dad. Wake up Penses. There is pattern, Lloyd don’t even care about any of yall till he is in trouble.

    • judge not

      brother? who said brother? your mountain? I would bet….say $60. that you could not personally find the specific mountain if you had to. You are of no blood DNA but your girlfriend has the same blood to which you despise and it will not be any money of yours spent to clear someone of a crime they did not do. Be at my door step and you will be paid the $60 you look for. Do not approach the elderly for such. Wicked behavior as you have shown will leave you sitting in the cell next to the one you are so strongly against. The alcohol on your breath causes the mountain to stench so collect your money and be gone.

  • judge not

    Mayor of Winfrey it sounds as if you are perfectly and probably next to God or simply just a judgemental Antichrist who knows.


    It sounds like the Mayor of Winfrey has been a busy man. He has seen pictures of Lloyd in the pot patch, and he also knows about a crooked doctor dealing out meth. He also keeps pretty close tabs on Lloyds kids?? Yet still has time to be a great father to four kids himself?? He sounds like he knows a lot about just about everything but yet he never seemed to “help” one of his community members either. That is just like a public official. They know what is going on, and how to “fix” everything, but it never seems to
    come together.

  • judge not

    I’m right behind you looking through the bushes! Mayor of Winfrey needs impeached and sent down the river too!

  • judge not

    Judge not lest ye be judged first. I’m sure the mayor of Winfrey is very familiar with where that is and what book it is found. The words that roll of the mayor of Winfrey’s tongue cut his grannies soul just as a razor!

  • PenseColt

    For the record, mayor of Winfrey, mental and physical abuse causes severe mental problems as well. Who knows what YOUR children will turn out to be like. So before you judge another of their parenting skills, take a look in the mirror. I have seen through the bushes your own children are terrified of YOU. FUN GAME. Who am I?

  • im just sayin

    Just remember, everyone has skeletons in their closet. Even the hyper judgemental. In fact, they usually have the most.

    • ur just sayin

      Im just sayin, u should say that. Youve had more bones in your “closet” (if thats what u want to call it) than ne one i know. Ya dope whore. I dont think for a second he was trying to kill her. But he shouldnt do stuff that makes it look that way. Heat of the moment, i guess.

  • joseph duncan pense

    I am not the mayor…Wrong guess everyone…”Judge Not”,usually people trying to cover their pathetic lifestyle pull that one out of the hat, even though they hadnt cracked open a bible in 20 years…

  • Observe&Overcome

    I have no clue who allows u people to get on here n bad mouth a man that cannot defend himself but whoever decided it was a good idea is the fucking bad guy here really anyone who is getting a big kick out of this needs to be slapped in their head repeatedly I don’t care what he did to u or who Dickson pense harmed but I really don’t care aren’t u innocent until proven guilty or is that just a bs lie too ? U guys need to get a new hobby because u r hurting ppl n this whole conflict is the very thing that is tearing this world apart fuck man if u have nothing to say don’t say nothing at all didn’t Ur mothers ever teach u that ? Thanks have a wonderful day…

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