Authorities Search For Armed Robbery Suspects

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Authorities in the River Valley are searching for two armed men after they robbed a convenience store in the Moffett bottoms late Sunday night (June 29), according to Sequoyah County Sheriff Ron Lockhart. He said the robbery happened around 11:15 p.m.

The suspects left in a silver Nissan Frontier crew cab pickup truck with a luggage rack on top, authorities say.

Surveillance video from the crime scene showed the men walked into the store wearing dark clothing with scarves covering their faces. One of them held a gun up to the clerk's face and demanded money.

Megan Mullikin, store clerk, said she had just arrived to work when the men came in. She said she tried to stay as calm as possible even with a gun pointed at her.

"I mean it was right at my face," Mullikin said. "I thought for a second 'oh I made the mistake of looking at him in the eye."

"But when I looked him in the eye, I realized this was a kid," she said. "Yeah he's being serious but I really didn't have the feeling that he was actually going to pull the trigger."

Mullikin said the robbery lasted less than a minute. She stayed for the rest of her shift until 6 a.m.

"As long as I did what he said, he just wanted to get away, so that's what I did," Mullikin said. "I just gave him what he wanted as slow and calmly as I could."

An eyewitness saw the men leaving the scene in a red or maroon Nissan Frontier four-door pickup with a luggage rack on top. The eyewitness followed the vehicle across the state line and into Fort Smith, but lost the them along Garrison Avenue.

Anyone with information about what happened or where the suspects could be is asked to call the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office at 1-918-775-9156 or the Sequoyah County Crime Stoppers number at 1-918-404-HELP.


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