Swinging With Swoff: Alma Coach Doug Loughridge

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  • Scott Schmitz

    I’m a friend of Coach Loughridge and have been since high school. He is a brilliant coach without a doubt and he has the rings to prove it. But Swofford, as good as he is in football, he’s that bad or worse in golf. Speaking for his group of friends ( and we think the world of Doug) it is hard to believe that this short clip was filmed in just one round of golf and not over several grueling days, as i counted at least 5 good shots by CDL. Bobby, that many successful shots by CDL in one round makes the whole thing seem staged. Swofford you look like you can play, but when I see Doug unceremoniously sink a 3 foot putt or send one down the middle of the fairway, (having played several rounds with him and fully realizing how dangerous he can be to both himself and others on a golf course) I have to start to question journalistic integrity of 5 news.

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