Walton Arts Center Approved To Venture Out Of Fayetteville

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The Fayetteville city council approved a proposal tonight that would allow the Walton Arts Center (WAC) to expand into facilities outside of its Dickson Street location.


"It’s a great win for the city, it's a great win for the region," said Mayor Lioneld Jordan.


"Whatever is good for Fayetteville is good for the region. And, what's good for the region is good for the city," Jordan said.


City board members approved the initiative to allow the wac to expand the area it can cater to.


City officials say it was important to keep the current WAC in Fayetteville, while also allowing it to expand.


"Because we are all working together to make our cities better and to make the region better," Jordan said.


"We’re delighted for it to be a regional entity. But, it did start here," said Adella Gray, a Fayetteville City Council Woman.


The city made sure the current WAC would be renovated before the center expanded to other cities.


"They will raise the $23 million they need before they move on to anything else," Gray said.


"I thinks it's great to know that investments are going to be made to the WAC," Jordan said.


City officials say the Walton Arts Center is, in a sense, the heart of Fayetteville.


"WAC is Dickson Street, and Dickson Street is the WAC,” Gray said. “It's just all a part of the whole that makes Fayetteville the great entertainment district for Northwest Arkansas."


"So, the WAC is not going away. It’s here, and it's here to stay,” Jordan said. “It's a great part of this city, it's one of the jewels of the city.”


Before the arts center can expand into other cities, they must first spend $23 million on renovations to the current WAC facility, and sign a 25-year agreement to stay in Fayetteville.


  • matt

    23 mill and a twenty five year extortion plan. Business as usual in the college town. Fay town is the next ft smith.

    • hayden

      Just look at what happened to the Faytteville Municipal Airport after they built the regional airport in Highfill. Every airline left Fayetteville…

      • Arkansans for Justice

        Fayetteville is a dump. Bentonville / Rogers / BV are being run by competent local government.

        Fayetteville, Springdale and Ft. Smith, not so much.

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