Heath Care Changes For Public School Employees

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New changes to school employee’s health care plans means a loss of coverage for many.

Lawmakers held a special session this week in Little Rock after premiums went up this year.

Spouses are now unable to obtain benefits if they can get insurance through their own employer.

In addition, part time school employees are unable to get insurance through the school.

“It`s going to be a little bit problematic,” said Alma School Superintendent David Woolly.

Woolly expressed concern for part time employees such as a bus driver.

Representative Greg Leding of Fayetteville said insuring a part time employee, such as a bus driver, is expensive.

“We moved 4,000 part time employees off the plan,” Ledding said. “Which is something a lot of us weren`t happy about us doing. I don`t think anybody was completely satisfied with the legislation. It was just something we had to do.”

Leding said it's a short term fix but premiums would have skyrocketed this year if the change was not added.

“We knew that we had to act quickly if we didn`t teachers were going to see their premiums go up by as much as 35 percent this year,” Leding said.

Leding said that 35 percent is expected now to be a three percent increase.

"We all want good quality affordable health insurance that's important to everybody," Woolly said.

The change also puts a limit on how much the state can pay for an insured employee to have weight loss surgery.


  • Arnold Fudpucker

    This is a rational adjustment to the public sector that has been out of control for years. Public and gubbamint employees have fed at the taxpayer trough for too long. While we are looking at the school system we need to take a good look at the heavy administrative overhead. Too many assistants to the assistant’s assistant!!!!!

  • James

    Please correct me if I’m wrong but, what I understand there is no law that says school systems have to provide buses for students to and from school. School bus drivers are just as important as teachers. Why do they have to take the blunt of this new legislation? They have families also and need insurance. Maybe the schools ought to utilize all teachers to drive these buses on a rotation and make it mandatory to get proper licenses. If this was done I bet the teachers and administrators would be helping the current drivers find a way to provide them insurance like all school employees.

  • Mike Heath

    Say goodbye to our quality bus drivers. Most do it for the insurance. The students will pay in the long run.

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