Indiana Police Officer Keeps Job After Pushing Over Man In Wheelchair

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A police officer from Lafayette gets to keep his job despite a recommendation that he be fired after video showed him knocking over a man in a wheelchair, according to affiliate station WXIN.

The incident occurred on Oct. 1, 2013, and involved Lieutenant Tom Davidson and 25-year-old Nicholas Kincade, according to WXIN.

“Police were called to the area after receiving reports that Kincade was armed with a gun near a charter school. Police didn’t find a firearm and said Kincade had a pocket knife that he carries for protection,” WXIN reported.

Kincade was told to leave by police, and he was preparing his backpack and chair to vacate the area as requested when he rolled forward and ran over Davidson’s foot. After that, the officer pushed Kincade and the wheelchair, causing it to tip over and Kincade to fall out and onto the street, according to WXIN.

Read the full story on our affiliate station’s website WXIN – Channel 59 by clicking here.


  • Sarah 300

    The offending officer is clearly blocking part of the sidewalk therefore the handicapped guy tries to steer around the officer. There was no reason to kick over the wheelchair. Sad the other officers were within five feet and did not try to prevent the handicapped guy from hitting the pavement. Indiana you need to revisit your decisions. Police officers help, not hurt the people they have pledged to protect and serve.

  • Get Real

    There is plenty of room on the sidewalk for the wheelchair to miss the officer’s foot, and obviously it is a motorized wheelchair that doesn’t just roll forward. It takes action by the operator. We can’t hear the conversation between the two, unfortunately. Being in a wheelchair doesn’t give you special permission to be stupid, rude, and aggressive.

      • Get Real

        Making excuses, or just ignorant of it’s operation, a heavy, motorized wheelchair doesn’t just roll forward on what is apparently a level sidewalk. I have no doubt from watching the video Kincade knew exactly what he was doing when he drove the wheelchair over the officer’s foot. The cop’s reaction was exactly what most people would do.

    • Bob Gnarly

      @GET REAL

      “Being in a wheelchair doesn’t give you special permission to be stupid, rude, and aggressive.”

      True, but as we see time and again, many, obviously you included, view wearing a badge to be licence for such behavior.

      Fortunately, not all cops take the “stupid, rude, and aggressive” route but there is little incentive to curb that sort of behavior if they possess that tendency. The officer should have been immediately arrested by his peers. The fact that they took no action makes them equally complicit.

      • Get Real

        The charges against this whiner shouldn’t have been dismissed, though neither are completely innocent. It would be interesting to hear what the “poor victim” in the wheelchair was running his mouth about, and what previous involvement he had with law enforcement. I’ve run into some handicapped, and others, who think the world owes them everything they desire, and everyone needs to be at their beck and call. Of course there are bad cops, but they are the exception. In general, however, both cops and citizens are treated with the same respect and courtesy they show to others. Bluff and bluster only go so far. As this idiot found out, eventually you will be held accountable for your actions and speech.

      • Bob Gnarly

        @GET REAL:

        “This whiner”?
        I personally know a person in a mechanized chair and if this “whiner” was attempting to make a u-turn it is entirely possible that he initially rolled forward. I’ve seen it and asked about it and gotten the details. Do you think this cop would’ve stuck his foot under the tire of a car in a similar situation?

        “This idiot”?
        Quite an assumption on your part. Without clear audio of the incident you assume the cop was within his rights and the guy in the chair was mouthing off. The fact of the matter is that it wouldn’t matter what the guy in the chair said it did not merit this action.

        ‘eventually you will be held accountable for your actions and speech”?
        Unless you’re a cop. This man’s on-the-job actions would have and should have cost anyone their employment. This was an assault that could have easily resulted severe injury or even death for the victim (clarification for you: that would be the assumed “whiner” and the assumed “idiot” per your description).
        The bully (again, for your understanding: the cop), in this situation was not held accountable else he would have been immediately arrested by the other cops on the scene who witnessed this brutal act on a helpless individual.

        Ask the families of James Ahern and Joseph Erin Hamely to what degree cops are held accountable for their actions.
        Ahern’s murderer, former Bella Vista officer Coleman “Duke” Brackney, is currently the chief of police in Sulphur Springs.
        Hamely’s murderer, former Arkansas State Police officer Larry P. Norman, is currently drawing full retirement with full benifits from the ASP.

  • Sarah 300

    @getreal – To say the handicapped guy was a whiner is incorrect. What do you base your name-calling on in this text? Where is your empathy?

    Whomever rang up the police reported the guy had a weapon (pistol). So the officers were gung ho when they arrived. There was no such weapon. They felt their time was wasted, maybe, and had anger issues from being called away from whatever pressing issues they were doing. The offending officer was put on leave without pay for thirty days, demoted, and probation for one year. 
    There are so many excellent police officers, I think it would behoove the departments to rid themselves of cocky, hateful officers. Why don’t they?

    • Get Real

      Truth be told Sarah, I would not be surprised if the whole incident, including the video, was a setup by those such as Mike, above, to provoke an unfortunate response. It has been done before. “As he was preparing his backpack and wheelchair to leave as requested” leads me to believe he was intentionally stalling, complaining, and whining about police intervention. I really wish we had audio of the incident. While only those on the scene really know what happened, try responding to a report of a person with a firearm near a school before you judge. I would be disappointed if the police responded with anything less than a “gung ho” attitude. Last response on this from me, have a great 4th, God Bless America, and those who defend it, both at home and abroad.

      • Bob Gnarly

        @GET REAL:

        “leads me to believe he was intentionally stalling, complaining, and whining about police intervention”?
        You seem to be consistently led to believe that cops are right and civilians are wrong.

        “Last response on this from me”
        Can’t really blame you there as all of your responses have consisted of far more speculation than substance.

        “God Bless America, and those who defend it, both at home and abroad.”
        Agreed, but it may well be that the man in the chair was exercising the freedoms guaranteed to all citizens which is a possibility to which you seem to be blind.

  • jane

    I’d like to see what you all had to say if the guy wasn’t handicapped and just simply stepped on the officers foot and the officer was to shove him. I think this entire story is a joke.

    • Sarah 1

      Hi Jane. Your comment is thought worthy although this incident is predicated on a different event as written and video taped in the above article.
      Ever boarded an airplane or ridden the subway? Somewhat akin to cattle being herded into the same space, yet each individual realizes that courtesy is a mainstay and thus reacts accordingly when pushed, stepped on or a bag is dropped from the overhead bin. It is a unique concept but courtesy definitely needs to be in abundance in regards to police officers and how they treat the public. And yes, we pay their salaries as well so we have skin in the ballgame.

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