POLICE VIDEO: Naked Woman Arrested In Fayetteville

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An arraignment has been set for Aug. 1 for a woman arrested while running through Fayetteville when she was high and naked, authorities say.

The arraignment is scheduled to take place at the Fayetteville District Court at 9 a.m., according to the Fayetteville Prosecutor's Office.

Melissa M. Valencia, 21, of Rogers was arrested on July 1 at 10:27 p.m. after police found her streaking through a parking lot at South Church Avenue and West Mountain Street in Fayetteville, a preliminary report states.

Authorities originally received a call about a "naked female" running down West Center Street.  The caller said the woman was intoxicated on drugs and "tripping balls," according to the report.

When police arrived at her location, they heard a loud scream and saw her. An officer turned on his blue lights and pulled in behind her, ordering her to stop as she tried to walk away. She took off running and attempted to hide behind a pole in the parking lot, the report states.

Police walked her back to the patrol car, and when they attempted to put handcuffs on her, Valencia began "thrashing her arms about." Another officer came over and secured her arms. She began to scream more and kick, so, two pairs of leg restraints were put on her, according to the report.

Medical personnel arrived on the scene, and police put a blanket around her, sending her with EMS. She began to thrash and scream more, and they handcuffed her to the gurney, the report states.

She refused to answer any questions, according to the report.

She was taken to the Washington Regional Medical Center for treatment on a possible drug overdose, and when she had returned to normal, she admitted to "taking acid at her boyfriend's house," the report states.

Valencia was calm, polite and answered all questions asked by law enforcement. Her behavior was, "the complete opposite as it was during the original call," according to the report.

She was transported to the Washington County Detention Center and faces charges of public intoxication, disorderly conduct and refusal to submit to arrest, the report states.

Melissa Valencia


  • FedUp

    Sarah won’t post until the bond is set for this young lady. And, how do we go about teaching these young people that drugs aren’t the answer to living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

  • Sarah 300

    Naughty guys. I bet you are married or have daughters. What the young lady did is wrong, against the law, but to giggle like you are in the seventh grade and wish for a pic is disgusting.
    @fedup – I have been out of town.

      • HL

        You can sugar coat it anyway you want. In my opinion, anything people take to get stoned, and fry their brain with is dope. Anyone who doesn’t think that is stupid. How much do you usually drop?

  • sarah - the real

    Too many imposters under my name. My reply is muted since this woman is obviously delusional as noted. Let’s wait on judging but know drugs ARE the answer! Ponder THE question!

  • objectivefodder

    First of all, you heathen devil dogs are the epitome of why women are afraid of men in NWA. I go to Canada and both east and west coasts and women are approachable-will actually respond to introductory chatter, but here, it takes high profile excavator construction equipment just to pry open an introductory conversation with a female in public. Women are scared. We know why. This is why I despise our region of the country. Hey uncompassionate dogs, she was on drugs and she wasn’t in her right mind. I feel for her. We all should. She’s lucky she didn’t get kidnapped, raped or worse, ran over in the streets by an unsuspecting motorist. This situation is sad. The mentality of thuggery law enforcement is to criminalize, exploit and condemn with force. They were unapologetic I’m sure. She clearly has a substance abuse problem and needs help, no matter if this was her first time. Where’s the compassion? Give those who make mistakes a break won’tcha? Lighten up animals. If that was your daughter, would you speak as you do the same way? Animals! You ridicule, criticize and turn this into a sexual escapade and turn this into voyeuristic porn movie, you dogs. Down Dogs, down!

    • FedUp

      I believe you are about fifty cents shy of a dollar. I’ll bet you and Sarah are one and the same.

      • Sarah 300

        Well Tom you would lose fifty cents. I don’t think on any one day of my life I have referred to a man as ‘heathen devil dogs’. Is it so unreal that someone would AGREE with me on the behavior of men?
        Channel Five it does not behoove you to post the photo or video.

  • Jacob Byer

    she sounds like the man. Ya’ll sound like you’re trying to mask the envy cause you live boring humdrum lives so you have to put this girl down. Or tackle her to the ground like the fucking pigs. good job i’m so thankful we got the cute streaker girl on acid off the streat. The only threat of which she posed was to the status qou.

  • objectivefodder

    Primitive feudalistic Neanderthals best describe the lower social class of men in these parts. Your cursed by God and don’t even know it. The jails and prisons await your demise. Your snuff spitting, prideful egotistical machismo arrogance and your haughtiness only glorify and embellishes as to why so many boys here fail in school at young ages, and subsequently end up tainting the gene pool, continuing the cycle with severely blemished slave class peasantry who ultimately end up serving the more intelligent and enlightened citizenry, the more cultured well rounded and educated ruling class. What puzzles me is how the prospective courting females ultimately end up settling for less, choosing loser mating partners and sadly procreate with undesirable spawn which eventually presents a problem with progressive social advancement. You lower species of so-called males owe Sarah an apology. You should be ashamed of yourselves, you uncivilized primates. Sarah is a greater observational contributor to social media expressing her first amendment right than 80% of the ignorant (so-called) geldings commenting in this forum who proudly identify as males and can’t even put a structured sentence together. Margaret Sanger had a great point. I see the big picture now. Carry on.

    • Sarah 300

      Thank you O F. Your comment should hit home for some or go over heads.
      I don’t know the reason men objectify women?
      I have strolled the streets in D.C., and never felt fear from men like I do here. My friends all have contact people for dating. If the phone doesn’t ring by one a.m., call the police.
      So very sad but thank you for your comments.

  • Raptor Black

    I came here to see turds like you argue on the internet like the cliche thing one with no life would do and it was delivered. Thank you. You guys really make my day. I love living in the bible belt FOR reasons like these.

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