Springdale Woman Stabbed Her Husband While He Slept, Police Say

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A Springdale woman was arrested after her husband said she stabbed him with a kitchen knife while he slept on Wednesday (July 2), police say.

Leticia M. Orellana, 28, was booked into the Washington County Detention Center after her husband said she stabbed him, according to a preliminary report.

Police originally responded to a call for a possible aggravated assault case in the 1500 block of Oriole Street. A medical team arrived on site and transported the male victim to Northwest Medical Center, the report states.

While police were interviewing the victim in his hospital room, he said he awoke from sleep to stabbing pain and found Orellana standing by his bed with a kitchen knife, according to the report.

When she saw blood coming from his wound, she started to panic and grabbed a bottle of pills in the room, shoving pills into her mouth. The man said he got up and pulled the pills out of her mouth, the report states.

He said that his wife then went to a neighbor’s house for help. He told police that he called 911 as soon as she left, according to the report.

The man said that he didn’t want to tell authorities about who stabbed him originally because he fears his wife and her family, and lately her family has been threatening him, according to the report.

He then asked for protection because he is, “really scared that they are going to come and hurt him after this accident,” the report states.

Orellana told police that she did stab her husband, according to the report.

She faces charges of domestic battery – 1st degree (felony), tampering with physical evidence (felony), obstruction of government operations (misdemeanor) and violation of a “no contact” order (misdemeanor), the report states.


  • Sarah 300

    What is up with women stabbing husbands? Women, stop this behavior. File for divorce and move on, because the only place you are going is to jail.

  • Mark Smith

    Curt Lanning – I see you have editorialized my comment once again. I just wish there were editors at 5News that would stop the abuse of the English language you regularly partake in. I mean did you skip all of your Journalism 101 classes? How do you explain “The man said that he didn’t want to tell authorities about who stabbed him originally because he fears his wife and her family, and lately her family has been threatening him,” Ever hear of a run-on sentence? How about correct punctuation?

    • FedUp

      Could not agree more, Mark. Although we post frequently concerning the problems with editors using proper English as well as proper punctuation, they never listen. It’s embarassing to see such errors jump out at the reader. I wonder what the required education level is for the 5News editors?

      • Sarah 300

        Stop harassing the 5NEWS staff. You have no idea the size of their staff so go push someone else around.  None of us are perfect either. Take a powder and enjoy the holiday, friends, enemies, and countrymen. 

  • FedUp

    Your bossy attitude, Sarah, is irratating. And, I DO know the size of their staff. Take a snort and go do something like jumping into the lake.

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