How To Stay Safe Lighting Up Fireworks

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Everyone will be shooting fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July tonight (July 4). Although lighting up the sky is fun, its important to learn how to be safe before lighting the match.

The Fourth of July is all about things American such as, the delicious food and the fireworks.

Every Fourth of July, the kids and even the adults look forward to this holiday. However, lighting up fireworks can be dangerous. No one under the age of 15 should be lighting off a firework.  

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, almost 9,000 injuries have happened by shooting off fireworks.

When shooting off fireworks, be sure to light them off in safe and open area. You should have materials nearby to put out fireworks such as a bucket of water, a garden hose, or a fire extinguisher.

 “ When your finished with your fireworks I would put them in a bucket of water to make sure they are out before you throw them away because many times when you think your finished with fireworks thinking there out, they smolder for awhile being there made of paper they will actually smolder and start a fire," said Carey St. Cyr with the Fort Smith fire department.  

According to Cyr, “ Fourth of July does generate more firework related fires anywhere from a stray bottle rockets to sparklers being thrown somewhere under something grass a lot of grass fires." 

Its illegal in the Fort Smith city limits to sell or use fireworks. If fireworks are used, a subject to a ticket of $200 can be issued depending on the situation said Cyr.

If you don't want to light off fireworks, you can watch them tonight (July 4) at the Mayor's firework display in Riverfront Park starting at 6:00 p.m. Other displays include, the Greenwood FreedomFest firework display on the town square and The Field of Dreams in Van Buren.