Garrett’s Blog: 2 More Kids Die in Hot Cars; Nationally 15 Dead This Summer

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Over the last few days, 2 more kids have died in hot cars and 2 more were rescued.

  • A 3-year-old climbed into the trunk of a car in South Carolina & died on July 2nd
  • A 2-year-old was pronounced dead in El Paso, TX, yesterday, July 6th.
  • A 2-year-old was saved by rescuers in Long, Island, NY after parents left her in the car while they went shopping, both have been arrested.
  • A 15-month-old was rescued in Tennessee after parents left her in the car while they went grocery shopping, both parents have been arrested.


This map is from the Geosciences Department at San Francisco State University. The university keeps track of statistics and incidence and has published their research in the American Academy of Pediatrics Journal. You can read their research here: San Francisco State University Paper.

2013 cases

The above map shows the fatalities from 2013.

Nationally, the death toll stands at 15. In an average year, 38 children are killed. Last year, there were 44 kids who died from heatstroke from being left in hot cars.

It just keeps happening.



  • Sarah 300

    So very sad. Heartbreaking, really. Why would a mother or father leave her child in a car?
    Children are our most precious gift. Sometimes at restaurants I see diners eating and holding their phones, never once interacting with their children. Have we turned into a ‘screen’ society?

      • Sarah 300

        Whatever happened to you Tom as a child or young adult to fill you with such hate, I am sorry. I hope from this day forward your life will be happier.

  • Tiffanie

    I just cannot phathom how this could happen. They are your children… Distracted or not how could you forget them? Or worse yet just leave them so you can go shopping. It is such a tragedy that people have become so distracted and involved with themselves that they are killing their own children!!! Sadly…If people would throw that cell phone in the back with them… I am betting less people would be forgetting their child!!

  • Debbie Mowrey

    Tiffanie, good idea, throw that “precious” cellphone back there, Sarah 300, so right, parents are forgetting that interaction is key to raising your children.

  • ng9

    If you don’t want a kid, give up for adoption! Simple as that, don’t let the kid suffer!! Those parents should be left in a hot car to die also!

  • Happy

    Wonder how long it will be before car manufacturer’s could simply make an alarm to sound just like they do when the seat belt is not secured. If motor is off, and there is weight on the backseat from an infant seat with a child or with a child alone it would sound. Seems to me it would be simple enough

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