Boater Rescued In Oklahoma Lake

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Two Fort Smith Coast Guard members rescued a boater stranded in an Oklahoma lake Thursday (July 10).

It occurred on Kerr Lake near Sallisaw were the U.S. Coast Guard rescued Daniel Hollan after being stranded for about an hour.

“I was screaming as loud as I could I was ready to get out that water,” Hollan said.

Lt. Clint Smith and Petty Officer 2nd Class Jose Blanco were nearby making routine rounds.

Smith said Hollan was 200 yards from shore.

“Thank God he had that life jacket on,” Smith said.

Smith said Hollan was with a friend fishing and the boat engine failed.

Smith said Hollan then swam for help.

“He was far enough away where we couldn`t tell that there was someone else on that boat,” Smith said.

“You heard the guy yell help,” Blanco said. “It was at that moment both of us jumped out; you’d almost think it was scripted the way everything worked out.”

Blanco called 911 and Smith dove in.

“When I got to him he said he was completely exhausted,” Smith said. “He said he had swallowed a lot of water.”

Hollan is unsure if he would have survived without the help and stated he would have drowned if he wasn’t wearing a life jacket.

“I would like to thank him I felt like he had saved my life,” Hollan said. “Trying to get out that water I was exhausted.”

Hollan said he was treated on scene but was not taken to the hospital.


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    How come no comments about how sorry our law enforcement and rescue are ? Cause only when they do something that’s out of the way we think it should go by reading a article not being there in real time with emotions and Adrenaline.. Yeah just a thought .. Good job I lift my hat to the law enforcement and rescue member and not leave out or military do things I as one didn’t sign up knew I couldn’t do it .. I praise them ..

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