911 Call: Boy Says He Punched Window To Scare Bear Away

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An eight-year-old boy was treated for cuts to his hand Friday afternoon in Washington County after he told authorities he punched a window to scare a bear away, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Emergency crews responded and treated the boy at the scene. He was not transported to the hospital, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff's deputies and medical crews from Central Emergency Medical Services were called to 13358 Hazel Valley Road just outside of Fayetteville initially in reference to a bear attack. Responding authorities were unable to determine if there was ever a bear at the scene, according to the Sheriff's Office.

A spokeswoman for the Sheriff's Office said the boy was in the bathroom, when he said he saw a bear outside the window. He punched the window to scare the bear away and cut himself on broken glass, the spokeswoman said.

The boy's uncle then called authorities in what was initially relayed to responding crews as a bear attack.

A woman identifying herself as the boy's aunt later told 5NEWS the child admitted to making the story up.

Listen to the actual 911 call below:


  • Yolonda Buchanan

    That is some serious trailer trash. No wonder the bear wanted this trash out of the neighborhood. Poor children living in utter poverty. Hopefully DHS can get involved and help these people out of the slums.

  • Angie

    Everybody needs to stop putting them down about the trailer i know for a fact that the kid mom is doing her best and i know for a fact that there is bears up there.

  • kelly

    Yes I know the family and their are bears all in this area. Cars have hit bears in the area and hunters have shot bears in the area. I believe the poor child, I think he really saw a bear. No child can fake that kind of fear. I think no one could see the bear and “coached” him into saying he made it up. So sad.

  • matt

    Kelly can you provide some tags for the bears that where killed out there, or the insurance payments that resulted in hitting a bear? That part of this state is flat, no mountains, or caves for a apex predator to hide or hibernate. I would love to see a bear but after 35 years of hunting the closest I ever came was smelling what I was convinced was a bear.

  • kelly

    Matt, google earth that address. You will see it is all very large hills and Brannon Mountain. This area is only 14 miles from white rock mountain state park. Yes bears do live all around this area and bears have been seen in Fayetteville also. I have personally touched a bear that was killed near the site. Yes bears are all over this mountainous terrain of the state.

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