Actor Tracy Morgan Taking Legal Action Against Wal-Mart

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Wal-Mart is facing a lawsuit from actor Tracy Morgan.

The comedian filed a suit against them for last month’s crash on the New Jersey Turnpike that sent him to the hospital and killed fellow comedian James McNair.

Wal-Mart driver Kevin Roper pled not guilty for plowing his truck into the van carrying Morgan and others.

The plaintiffs say Wal-Mart was negligent by allowing Roper to drive after being awake for more than a day. Wal-Mart says they are cooperating with the investigation.


  • obectivefodder

    As would be expected… Let the system of jurisprudence carry out. Any of us would do the same, including any Wal-Mart employee or executive. May justice prevail and righteousness be served. That’s why we have insurance. Let this be a lesson of not allowing someone to tailgate you and always practice defensive driving leaving yourself an out. And for God’s sake, stop texting and driving.

  • kelly

    If he wasn’t a millionaire, he will be now, as will everyone in the limo. Especially the one that died, I bet his family will get $5,000,000. Also punitive damages to Wal Mart for $500,000,000 for forcing drivers to lie of driving logs and working drivers to death and cheating them out of pay. Wal Mart finally got caught. This whole situation is sad.

    • objectivefodder

      I wish I could agree with you KELLY. However, the system is stacked against the driver because ultimately, it’s his choice to follow his conscience and do the right thing by resting and sacrificing his job, or pushing through to serve the man. We’re controlled by a mechanism called fear in our jobs and lines of work. The difference is some of us have dangerous occupations. People and machinery may be comprised; others of us don’t have that problem. Emergency EMT’s, Law Enforcement, Medical personal, Pilots, Locomotive Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers, Doctors, Nurses and Marine Ship captains come to mind. Corporations give us a job and we accept the job duties even though we may be fatigued, unrested or even mentally unstable to perform our assignments. The problem is that labor is never in a position to negotiate and regulate our own selves without retribution and retaliation in the form of intimidation, coercion, termination or bullying. Capitalism creates an uncanny uncomfortable relationship pitting fear, risk and indecisiveness which impacts the equation along with sacrificing safety in lieu of productivity. Wal-Mart, like most blue chip corporations have a built in risk oriented algorithm model for such a scenario. Simply put, they’re prepared to dole out litigation costs and will settle an undisclosed amount. Wal-Mart won’t hurt a bit, but the driver will be destroyed likely sacrificing personal property and a life-long blacklisting in the form of being an undesirable from his respective occupation. He’ll be sued as well as litigation will take his personal property and real estate to recompense costs. Corporations have powerful lobbying groups and protective lawyers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) along with the Department of Transportation (Federal DOT) created a relationship with the trucking industry to insure that the blame come down heavily on the lowly paid laborer (truck driver) reducing their risks and responsibilities. After all, in their view, it’s the driver that ultimately makes the decision and choice to operate the vehicle despite we citizenry knowing how the drivers are pushed and used to generate productivity. Corporations are practically immune from responsible fault. Welcome to the fascist corporatist state of modern America. Never drive without insurance. You’re risking everything if you don’t.

  • matt

    His Lawyers know they cant get any money from the driver so they sue wal mart.I was hoping God would take this idiot but he has a purpose. Making my grocery bill higher apparently.

    • objectivefodder

      Mister Matt, you basically just dismissed any human touch compassion for all the parties involved, those dead and those injured and those whose lives are ruined by a horrible (horrific) human error. Typical selfish belligerent greedy selfish ‘murican. As I mentioned earlier, and I know the industry well, accidents are well calculated. A settlement out of court will come about within 24 months and you won’t know the exact amount unless it’s leaked. Someday, if natural order indeed checks and balances with retribution, you or one of your loved ones will experience the atrocities aforementioned and someone will complain likewise with disdain for being inconvenienced by your life’s miseries. People like you paying $10 for a lettuce head would provide me with the equivalent jubilation of me winning the Powerball Jackpot. I would be so satisfied. Karma is a bitch my friend. Touché.

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