One-On-One With Titans QB Tyler Wilson

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Bobby Swofford: Tyler Wilson. NFL quarterback. Have you gotten used to hearing that yet?

Tyler Wilson: We're on a year and a half, two years now so kind of getting that ability for it to digest a little bit and feel your way around and become more comfortable in that role.

BS: It hasn't been a normal two years. Obviously getting drafted, the high of that then getting to Tennessee. There have been some ups and downs already in a really short career.

TW: Any time you get drafted, you want to play a long career somewhere and have an opportunity to finish where you started. I know that's rare today a lot of times with the way the business goes but had a change early but I'm in an area now that I'm comfortable and familiar with and it's real similar to being back home.

BS: when people ask what is Greenwood football, what's that about? i know it's not normal. This is not a normal high school football team and program. What do you say?

TW: I think it's a community that rallies around the football program. Not only the football program but all athletics and you have a number of key notes within the community that really help the place run and with coach (Rick) Jones being the coach that he is and doing what he's done on the football field and a record, he's kind of spoken for himself so that's been a large portion of the success here and hopefully we can keep that going.

BS: You mentioned coach Jones, obviously the success starts with him. How ready did he get you to go to that next level?

TW: He did. He did a lot of really good things that kind of build the foundation for me to have success. That's a lot what I talk about this week and I wanted to expand on some things that in high school maybe you don't learn. Having him around the camp and around the room with some of the guys has been awful great.

BS: How exciting is it to bring (Tennessee Titans) coach (Ken) Whisenhunt in? Obviously a guy who likes to throw the football.

TW: He's a quarterback guy and that's great. For a quarterback, as myself in the NFL, you love having the head coach in on all your meetings and a direct relation and a line of communication to what we want to get accomplished. I think that's huge in having success at the quarterback position.

BS: Coming into this year, what are some expectations or some goals that you’ve set up for yourself?

TW: Any time to make a roster is a big deal. There is 53 positions and right now there are 85-90 guys on our roster. You have to beat out a lot of really good players in order to be there. I think I have had a really good set of (organized team activities) and minicamp and have done a good job to get myself prepared for training camp and that's really where a lot of the work will come in, within the next month and then how you do in preseason games. I want to prove myself and have a good preseason outing and think I can have a chance of making the roster and playing well this year.



  • Lynn

    Greenwood players have heard that kind of talk about them before, then they won state championships. I wouldn’t count him out by a long shot.

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