Arkansas Storm Shelter Rebate Deadline Approaches

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) - The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM) is giving Arkansans until Tuesday (July 15) to postmark their application for the Storm Shelter Rebate program.
Homeowners must have bought their storm shelter or safe room after January 1999. In Benton County, as of Monday morning, the emergency management office had mailed 319 applications to the state, according to Robert McGowner, director. The rebate is either 50 percent of the cost or $1,000, whichever is less.The application must include an invoice, proof of payment, pictures of the inside connections on the doors and hinges, and pictures of the ventilation.Homeowners must also call their local emergency coordinator to make sure the storm shelter is inspected.

"The state requires that before they will do the rebate," McGowen said. "They require us to verify so that's our portion of it."

"We also make sure all of the paper work is there before we send it off, so they don't have to request additional documentation," he said.

If ADEM approves the application, it might take some time to receive the rebate.

"I'm hoping that within six to eight weeks, they'll hear something from the state," McGowen said. "They'll receive a letter from us stating that we forwarded it to the state."

"Once that occurs, it's in the state's hands," he said.

The shelter rebate program received $1,250,000. ADEM stated the reimbursements will be awarded based on the date of installation. If there aren't enough funds, the approved applicants could see the rebate when the state gives ADEM the next round of funds in July 2015.

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