Construction Starts On New Senior Center In Van Buren

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A new senior center is in the works in Van Buren. The center will be located on Knox street just up north from the old senior center.

"They have activities, they have a dining area, they play bingo during the day," said the city's Mayor Bob Freeman. " They just enjoy going and eating a meal and playing bingo, they do quilting  and have other activities."

According to Freeman, the most important aspect of the senior center is the "Meals on Wheels" program. They prepare meals at the center and then deliver the food to seniors.

"That's another driver is the meals on wheels program," said Freeman. " Its just not those who go there but those that get there meals provided from there during the week and the weekends."

The new building will provide a safe room in case of bad weather and serve as a disaster relief building if needed.

The old senior center will be used for the time being. However, the building will be torn down and become an area for parking.

The Mayor said the groundbreaking for the new senior center will be at the end of July.

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