Deja Vu for NWA Naturals 2014 Season

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Springdale, Ark. (KFSM) - The second half of the season always seems to be kinder to the Northwest Arkansas Naturals. In 2013, they were last place during the first half of the season, and turned that around narrowly missing the playoffs in the second half. This year they’re doing the exact same thing.
"Been pretty similar seasons, but I think this one will have a little better result at the end," Jason Adam, Naturals pitcher said.

The Naturals are back in first place, but are hoping this time around isn’t a repeat performance. Adam was a part of that 2013 team, and saw a playoff spot slip away.

So why has 2014 been a mirror image of 2013?
"I mean I honestly don't know exactly why,” Adam said. “I would say we get more comfortable with each other. We work hard through the year. We may not be the most talented team, but we've got a lot of hard workers. So as the season progresses, it just makes it better for us."

Pitching coach, Jim Brower, has an idea as to why they've been seeing more success in the second half with this team.

"It's real similar,” Brower said. “We've got pitchers here that it's their first time in AA. It's a learning curve. It takes times to get into a rhythm. It's a different level of competition and different expectations."

But they are hoping for a difference this year, sealing a playoff spot in September.

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  • matt

    Could’ve had a NHL stadium and a new Sam’s club in that part of town. Springdale has spent millions on a minor league team stadium, an Interstate exit that nobody is using, and Sam’s moved to fayetteville so we could appease the SLA. Sorry if I don’t share the enthusiasm.

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