Tinkerbelle Healing, Making Improvements Every Day, Official Says

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CENTERTON (KFSM) – Tinkerbelle the dog is recovering day by day after being found with major injuries on July 8, officials say.

The dog, also known as Moxy, is up walking around and “making improvements every day,” according to officials.

The Centerton Police Department is still investigating the incident, officials said.

Animal caretaker DJ Ritchie said the dog was found with open wounds and no collar in the Appleridge neighborhood in Centerton. Animal control officers said a neighbor reportedly found the thirteen-year-old rat terrier with fireworks strapped to her torso.

The neighbor said she went inside to call authorities and the dog wandered next door. Her next door neighbor called officials to come pick up the badly injured dog, authorities said.

“People that let dogs get into this condition,” Ritchie said. “I just don’t have any words.”