Fort Smith Man Arrested In Missouri After High-Speed Chase

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LEBANON, MO (KFSM) – A Fort Smith man was arrested in Lebanon, Mo. after a high-speed chase on July 12, according to a probable cause report.

Michael Bull, 36, and his wife checked into a Midwest Inn motel at 2125 W. Elm St., and Bull had two active felony warrants out of Fort Smith, the report states.

The motel clerk called the cops after the clerk said Bull was observed acting “suspiciously” and walking around the complex asking about drugs and looking into motel rooms and vehicles, according to the report.

When police arrived at the motel, Bull’s wife, who also had an active warrant out of Fort Smith, told them that her husband had fled and said he would fight and run if authorities attempted to arrest him, the report states.

The officers later found Bull getting into his vehicle after returning to the motel. An officer pulled into the lot with his car and lights on, and Bull backed out of his parking spot at a high rate of speed, almost hitting the patrol car. Bull then drove straight toward the patrol car, and the officer swerved left to avoid a collision, according to the report.

Bull left the motel and entered Interstate 44 East at a high rate of speed, the report states.

Officers pursued him as he weaved through traffic, even driving on the shoulders of the road. He later exited the interstate, turned back around, and re-entered the interstate heading west, according to the report.

Officers found his abandoned vehicle near Mercy Hospital in Lebanon. Bull was located later running through a nearby forest being chased by authorities. He ran up to a small sport utility vehicle and opened the passenger door, grabbing the passenger, but an officer pulled Bull away and wrestled him to the ground, the report states.

Bull fought with multiple officers but was eventually handcuffed and transported to the Laclede County Jail, according to the report.

Bull faces a charge of resisting or interfering with a felony arrest, and his bond has been set at $100,000, according to the jail’s intake report.


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