Construction On New Van Buren Police Department On Schedule

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Construction for the new Van Buren Police Department headquarters is on schedule.

Van Buren Police Chief Kenneth Bell said the location is on a main highway, so it will be visible to thousands of people.

" I go by everyday to check on things," said Bell. " It's very exciting to see the progress that's been made."

The new building on Highway 59 will house the training room, all officers, administers, and detectives.

"It's going to be great for all of these officers and myself to move in to a bigger building where can operate, have room to move around and do our work," said Sgt. Mark McGraw with the Van Buren Police Department.

"Employees are going by there in the evening time when no one is working and walking through it," said Bell. " It's very exciting to see what we are going to have."

Construction started on this $3.6 million facility in March 2014 after a one - cent sales tax increase was passed.

Unlike at the old building, Sgt. McGraw said he is excited to have more space where he can do better do his job. " It's a very small building and its very cramped," said McGraw. "I like to have some room where I can work more efficiently and serve the public better."

The police station will be finished in February 2015.