Fire Officials Investigate Series Of Hay Bale Fires In Springdale

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) ~ The Springdale Fire Department is asking for the community’s help in finding who has been setting hay bales on fire in fields in Springdale.

Multiple hay bale fires have been reported recently, including several in the field next to J.O. Kelly Middle School.

“When we saw the fires, they were pretty big,” said Andres Medina, a witness of the fires at the middle school. “It was taller than me.”

The fires have taken place in two separate fields.

“We’ve had five separate incidents of hay bales on fire,“ said Captain David Kissinger of the Springdale Fire Department.

One of the fires was burning a few feet away from J.O. Kelly Middle School’s parking lot.

“They looked kind of dangerous,” Medina said.

Police say the fires are linkable, even though they were set in different fields.

“They were called in within just a few minutes of each other. Two separate locations,” Captain Kissinger said.

Fire officials say they believe they are all being set by the same person.

Local residents say they think the fires aren’t malicious in nature.

“I don’t know who has been burning them,” Medina said. “I think it is just little kids that are trying to have fun.”

While police and firefighters investigate, fire officials are asking the public to provide any information they may have.

“We are requesting information, if anybody has any, to let the fire department know,” Captain Kissinger said.

Fire officials tell 5NEWS that they don’t believe that J.O. Kelly Middle School was targeted by the fires. They believe the chosen fields were a random location for the fires.

People who live in the neighborhood next to the middle school say there aren’t any security cameras, or street lights, near the fields where the fires were set.

They believe the addition of those would most likely end these fires.


  • kelly

    Could this simply be from the wetness and “composting” heat as the hay ripens?

    We had a chicken litter pile catch of fire when I was a kid. Not sure how to explain it, but surly old time farmers know what I am talking about?
    It is like not cutting your hay when it is green, because it will catch on fire as it finishes ripening?

  • P. Clark

    I agree with Kelly. When a bale of hay has enough moisture it can and does cause fires. People should know better. It’s been too wet to bale hay.

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