Former Lt. Gov. Mark Darr Takes Job At Auto Dealership

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) – Former Lt. Gov. Mark Darr has taken a job at a Northwest Arkansas automotive dealership, he announced in a post on his Facebook page late Wednesday (July 16).

“This week I joined Crain Hyundai of Springdale,” Darr says in the Facebook post. “I have always loved visiting with the public, seeing old friends and making new ones.”

Below is the photo that ran on his Facebook page with the announcement.

“I appreciate being part of this team and if you or anyone you know are ever in need of a vehicle (Hyundai or not) I would be honored to assist you,” he continues in the Facebook post. “Please call, text, inbox me or just stop by if I can be of help.”

The lieutenant governor’s office became vacant on Feb. 1 when Darr resigned after being fined by the state Ethics Commission for spending violations. Darr, a Republican, had briefly been a congressional candidate before the ethics issues came to light.

The Facebook post is the first public mention of Darr’s job status in months. Earlier this year, he applied for a job to become the University of Arkansas’ lobbyist, but that position, paying $175,000 annually, instead went to a different figure from the political sphere, Randy Massanelli, state director for U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark.

Another of the 33 applicants for the UA lobbying job, state Sen. Johnny Key, R-Mountain Home, lost out to Massanelli but accepted a lower-paying $130,000-a-year position as associate vice president for university relations for the University of Arkansas System.

Darr did not receive a university job.

Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin, R-Ark., and Democrat John Burkhalter, a former state Highway Commission member, are running for lieutenant governor in the Nov. 4 general election.



  • Hondo

    I agree…why is this news? Many would like to see him kept out of work. And is this a story to say he is just a car salesman? How does the common person feel regarding this story? I hope he sells many cars in the future. Good for him! He ought to be glad he is out of the profession of being a politician. A profession that one looks out for their own back…and you realize who your friends are.

  • Hondo

    If I was in car sales I would ask for equal time to send Customers my way. Or just everyone let 5News know when you have a new job. They will report it.

  • Elaphas

    Again…KFSM is not interested in reporting the news. Fishing around and looking at people’s Facebook pages is the kind of thing liberals do in an attempt to make their opponents look bad. Why? Because they can’t honestly win an argument on the merits of any issue. In fact, the real issues are not important, like the foreign invasion taking place on the southern border. That’s not news, but trashing anyone who doesn’t agree with them is.

    • Hondo

      I agree. No real investigating reporting there. And the funny thing is whoever found this out on Facebook to report this is probably listed as a friend. Wow…I am sure this person is a good friend.

    • George Dubya Bush

      Right you are again, Elfphalus. Why, when I’s the leader of the free world we didnt hafta have no wall or border de-fense. Ya know why? Cause they knowed ol’ Dubya was in charge I was lookin for terrists around ever corner and findin em to, even where they aint! And the whole entier time I’s workin my butt off trying to defend the free world from terrir the press was up it askin stupid questions like “Where are the WMD?”, “Why do you torture people?”, “Could you tell us again what happens when you get fooled twice?”, “Why are people still diein after you announced the cease of hostilities on that aircraft carrier?”, and “What did you mean by ‘OBGYNs practicing their love with the women of this country'”?
      The libral media has no place askin such foolish questions. For some reason I was thinkin there was some kinda rule against the press askin stupid questions in the first initial draft of tha Patriot Act but some idiot musta took it outta there before I got t sign it.
      Anyhow, its tee time and I have a new driver and she is sooooo hot. But seriously, I just got a custom made golf driver called The Weapon Of Maass Destruction. Was thinkin bout marketin it but I cant seem to find the darned thang anywhere. One thangs forsure tho, Sadam Hu Sane aint got it, err, ya get it? Keep up the good fight, Elfphalus. You are a true patriot.

      • Darth

        Hey GW. Nice to hear your thoughts. Good paintings, new grandpa and I hear tell you have a book coming out soon. Always great to hear from you. Also thanks for staying out of politics. Wish you could get Dick C. (you know Dixie?) off the television. He annoys the hell out of me. 
        If you are ever around Arkansas way, let me know. I can imagine the fun sitting by you at a dinner party with my proctologist on the other side. Oh what a fun time. We would laugh and tell jokes like nobody else. Keep in touch, you hear?

  • Elaphas

    And is it any surprise that a democrat got the U of A job? That’s okay. Mark Pryor won’t have a job soon.

  • Hondo

    Well, I am just saying…it makes it look like they are saying that a job in car sales is not important. I wonder how many in that field like hearing that. Also, I do not think KFSM minds receiving advertisement dollars from that industry.

  • Annie Morris

    This basically implies that a car salesman is low on the job totem pole. Can we not let a man no longer in public service work and earn a living for his family??? Come on channel 5!

  • Annie Morris

    At least 40/29 didn’t feel it was a newsworthy event. I’ll be tuning in to them from now on. I hope all car dealerships and car salesmen will follow suit!

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