State Wide Alcohol Sales May Be A Reality

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No alcohol sales are allowed in nearly half of the counties in Arkansas, but statewide alcohol sales are one step closer to becoming a reality.

Organizers with the group Let Arkansas Decide said they should know by Friday morning (July 18) if statewide alcohol sales will make it onto the November ballot.

David Couch is one of the leaders of the group.

"On July 7th we turned in 84,900 signatures," Couch said.

The Secretary of State then began verifying the signatures. Couch said he needs at least 78,133 signatures from registered voters to get the green light.

"I expect tomorrow that we will know exactly how many signatures he have from registered voters," Couch said.

If voters pass the initiative, all 75 counties in the state will be able to serve and sell alcohol, no matter how individual counties vote.

This is an unsettling idea for some.

"That's not right so I would be against it,” Crawford County attorney Paul Gant. "I've seen many many down sides to an overflow of alcohol. Many people can handle that, many people can't and those that can't have destroyed lives."

But Couch said business would boom for the state.

If approved the state may see alcohol sales by July of 2015

Election Day on this and other issues is set for November 4, 2014.


  • TNT

    “No alcohol sales are allowed in nearly half of the counties in Arkansas” Does the person who wrote this article mean “Alcohol sales are allowed” because saying “No alcohol sales” doesn’t sound right? Another confusing article right from the start.! Or at least until they edit this story and make corrections.

  • GoFigure

    The conecpt of a ‘dry county’ is silly and really serves no real purpose. The view Paul Gant has is even more ridiculous. Prohibition ended more than 80 years ago. It should be illegal to force the ‘dry’ concept on an entire poulation of a county in any state.

  • ehhh

    Considering everyone from the dry county goes into the next county to stock up on alcohol and pays the other counties tax dollars makes a ton of sense right?

    I agree, it is stupid to have dry counties this day and age. I for one would rather fund my city/county than to drive across the bridge into Ft. Smith to fund there’s. Dry or not, people are still drinking here….

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